95 GT emissions with Tweecer

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  1. Time to pass an emissions test...
    I have a 95 with the mods listed in my profile, the big ones are long tubes, HCI and 347 stroker. I have removed my off road xpipe for a poorly constructed stock h-pipe with two cats but it seems like it will work. I just got my tweecer RT and am fairly confident that I can get it to pass in two tries. Has anybody data logged during an emissions test lol? Im going to attempt it for sure.
    From data logging idle conditions I have lambse values of around 14.1, and kamrf's of 1.15 with hegos bouncing, idles at 850 and even lower without problems, had a tune at 750 idle that ran fine. The EGR and smog pump have been removed

    I was thinking about a -2 or -3 on spark adder global, and see what happens
    do you have any other reccomendations.

    one note is that the car passed with all mods except LT's a year ago without the tweecer and I think that i may have had all 4 cats. but it was running with 24lbers on a stock tune

    your thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Might have a problem not having the smog pump blowing air into the cats.

    Years back I failed on first try without a smog pump, just catted mid pipe for longtubes. I went home and hooked up the smog pump and a hose with the checkvalve to the cats and went back the next day and passed with no problems.

    Now I don't worry about it because only '96+ (OBDII) cars require emissions testing here :D