95 gt gold edition??

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  1. 1997 had Aztec Gold as a paint code...
  2. LOL...I mostly remember the gold emblems were A LOT more common in the 90's when these cars were new. I guess most people changed them. I actually looked at a 1-owner '95 'vert with the gold emblems and gold pinstriping before I got my car. Even the Blue Oval have gold lettering instead of chrome.

    I'd believe it if the car was modded. I mean, if someone is new to Mustangs, or the car hobby in general, they wouldn't know if they're car has been modded or what the cars they're racing really are. If you're running against stock cars, gears would be enough.

    Get the pics up and we'll let you know. Take plenty of engine pics. But if it's a cam, port work and gears, only you can find out for sure.

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  3. i happened to own one these stangs. it seems pretty stock to me. i can't wait to get it repainted though, i'm not digging the gold emblems and gold pinstrips. i mean it's a mustang not a cadillac.
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  5. A blower doesnt necessarily mean a different intake manifold.
  6. If it "shakes" at idle, I would suspect someone has been in there and judging from the other cars you beat...sounds suspicously like a cam +.
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    If you could do some detective work on the engine that would give you some clarity on where to go... especially if you are the "only one who can drive it." Boo hoo : )
  7. k. ill look into it as much as possible. i also opened the trunk today and found what looks like a alternator belt pulley and one other one.. maybe it has underdrive pulleys. i never checked under the hood thoe as latly ive been busy workin on my POS eagle talon tsi....
  8. all my badges are gold. i can see a very very faint outline of gold on the rear trunk lid. Was from a sticker that said gold on there sometime ago but was removed. the gold adds coolpoints and 100HP. :p


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  9. Yeah I don't know about the "gold edition" but I did see quite a few with the gold running horse, emblems, and pinstriping on them back in the day.

    I believe alot of them were black or green convertibles.
  10. Maybe he is just a dam good driver too? :shrug: 1994Vib.RedGT, that pic you have in your sig looks badass. I wouldn't want to race you after seeing that! :nice:
  11. maybe it has a turbonator?

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  12. i think it has to have gears 3.73 or 4.10

    i know now that there were many gear sets offered as options by ford myne stock had 3.27 but mine is also a vert

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  13. whell, dont we all now know why this stock car is beating all those other cars?....Its because of the gold badging of course....As stated above the gold adds in excess of 100hp on sunny days....

  14. don't give up on the 4g63....
  15. hoho this thread is worthless without pics!!!

    I want to see the gold bar on wheels!
  16. I can't get enough of that cat
  17. The "gold edition" was just a 95 gt w a gold pony, gold gt emblems, and ford emblem on trunk to signify 30 yrs of mustang
  18. Holy old thread batman.