Engine 95 Gt Head Etc Swap

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  1. Recently picked up a set of GT40 heads and intakes. I want to swap out my set up on my 95 GT. Figured while I was doing this I would also swap out the cam for an E303, put on 1.7 roller rockers. This has brought up a few questions. Easiest first, the intake has a different setup and angle then stock. What do I need to do to make this all work? Second, will it fit (upper and lower intake) under my strut tower. I doesn't look like it.

    Now for ALL the other questions. The shop had to shave the heads .10 to get them straight, the downer was run hot. With that, generally changing to GT heads and the 1.7 roller rockers do I need to get new push rods and if so what length?

    With the cam swap will I need new lifters? About 30k ago I dropped a long block in there so the ones in there are relatively new. With a roller setup I wouldn't imagine they would have that much wear. I don't race or dog the car. If I take the radiator and such out can I swap the cam without pulling the engine?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Someone recently asked similar questions which got a lot of replies. You might want to look through the posts from the past month or two in case it's helpful.

    The original strut tower brace won't work. Ford Racing used to sell one for SN95s with the GT40 intakes, but it has been discontinued. You can either get rid of it entirely or find an aftermarket company that makes one which clears a GT40 intake.

    You should probably get a pushrod-length-checker to determine the proper length. The required length will depend on the new rocker arms combined with the shaved heads. .100" is a large amount to shave off. If it's really only .010" , then you might get lucky and be able to reuse the stock pushrods. (If you do reuse the stock pushrods, check the ends and make sure the hardened part isn't crumbling around the oil passage. I've noticed that the hardened ends tend to go bad on the factory pushrods used in the older Ford 385 series Big Blocks. I'm not sure if the later small blocks suffer from the same issue or not, but it's worth checking before you put in new rocker arms.)

    If your lifters look good (give them a good look over), you should be able to reuse them. That's one of the big advantages of roller cams over flat tappet cams.

    Good luck with your project!
  3. I'll look that up. Thanks for the advice.