"95 GT is the Mustang II of the 90's, slow,heavy, gaz guzzlers and ugly!"

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  1. I'm getting bashed on another forum... that's their arguments.
    The original "basher" had a 1996 GT and he said it was the ugliest car he ever owned. Said the 4.6L of the 96'' is 100x times better than the 95 5.0L motor and so on.... what a clown. Ignorant people like that piss me off. Worst thing is that the other members of the forum don't know much about mustangs (much of an import forum) and they believe what the guy say... I'm trying to save the 1995 GT image right now.
  2. I'm with you...ignorant people need to be beaten. Since the discussion is online, there's really nothing you could say to change anyones mind. Just stick around here... :SNSign: will treat ya right!!
  3. I replied with a few of the sickest stang pics posted here and the arguments that everyone knows the 95 5.0L > 95 4.6L in the Mustang crowd.
  4. well i'll give them 2 out of the 4. we're definitely slow when stock and heavy! lol
  5. give it 3... mine is a gaz guzzler! lol

  6. I agree with them. My 95 with the AFR heads, custom cam, Eddy intake, and the 74mm single turbo is very slow, its heavy, and with the 3.27 rear gears and the T56 6 speed its definately a gas guzzler! :rlaugh::rlaugh:

    Oh and about the ugly part...yea its terrible looking. The H&R super sport springs make it sit like a truck. The Cobra headlights with 8000k HID lights dont help either. Along with the 03 Cobra wheels with 315 drag radials in the rear along with the 1" spacers make the back end look real skinny and ugly.

    Geez I need to get rid of this terrible car. lol Man just let them believe what they want. Its not hurting anyone and its pretty funny.
  7. :nice:
  8. What's the guy talking smack own and what does his car look like?
  9. What forum is it? Give us a link or something I think it would be fun we could all gang up on him. Time for a verbal beat down.
  10. Meh, I think they're rig 110% spot on other than looks.

    Sn95's with no power adder are freakin PIGS.

    I have AFR 165s, tfs stageI cam, edel u/l, 24#, 80mm MAS, 75 mmtb, lt's, xpipe, u/d pullies, cia, frpp 1.6 rr, full suspension, KC clutch, aly driveshaft, freaking 4.10s and all the other supporting BS.

    I did 296rwhp on a MUSTANG dyno 315rwtq.

    I CONSISTANLY LOSE to my brothers 99z28, with a SLP lid, a catback, and no cats.

    I get **** for milage, he runs all day, gets like 30mpg. I **** to my mustang friends that I did 10x better in a freaking turbo 4cyl, to which my 15yr old winter beater runs with my friends 331 sn95 with under $300 into it.

    So, then what? I drop another 3k on a power adder so I REALLY can't drive the car anywhere? I used to take cross country roadtrips and rip off easy 12s. This thing I hate taking 20min trips in as it just loves to drink.

    I am currently about to sell my 14k money pit at a huge loss so I can get back into a FASTER, more REALISTIC musclecar...... *hint* *hint* NOT A FORD.

    Can't believe you have to do full h/c/i + a blower to run with a cam/bolt on GM. THEN, you get to mess with your ***** block....so another 3k there...no t-tops, no milage.

    WE ARE THE MUSTANG II. Foxes are at leat light enough to make up for it.

  11. HUMM 44 more ci and stock heads that flow better than our aftermarket heads. I wonder why its faster:rolleyes:

    As far as being the Mustang II I dont get that the 96-08 must be the same thing then all the gt's are over weight and under powered.
  12. Aren't we less than 300# more than foxes?
  13. Sounds like you should sell your car. Your apparently not happy with it. Why did you even waste your time. You really have no idea how easy it would have been for myself to just get a LS motor'd Z-28 but not only does my car look better in my opinion but for the price I payed for mine I could not get a Z-28 with an ls-1. I even got a cobra so I have no problem with lt-1 powered cars with the same mods. I feel that I made a great decision on my car I don't think you did on yours :nono: You have to truely be a fan of these cars to enjoy them. You are not so sell your car to someone that can enjoy it.
    I see you show some nice mods to your car and i'm sure its pretty quick but apparently you would rather drive a heavier car with a bigger motor.
    As far as import cars go as you mentioned I've built several different imports and one was a integra that pushed over 400hp when it was detuned so it could be driven daily. Those cars are not cheaper that a mustang to build and require a lot of BS work to get them to run everyday as a daily driver.

    Also your forgot to add this your talking about newer technology (in the camaro's) ford made over 300 HP on the same technology with a lot smaller motor and made 300+ hp not to mention they also made one with a factory supercharger which Chevy did not and the Camaro died why? Ohh yea cause ford outsold them across the board.
  14. Meh, the import thing is BS if the platform is strong. I DD'd 12 sec DSMs for YEARS with the only issue I had was with a stock trans. To this day, I still have one as a daily, and with small routine maintenence, it's been the most reliable car I've had. Maybe it's more $ to keep a honda running at that HP level.

    Yes, I do plan to sell my car, and yes, I shouldn't have wasted my time. Very correct. I should have done much more reading and research before deciding to build what I did. Had I driven an f-body prior, I'd never be having this convo. At the time, I couldn't afford an LS1, and thought the 5.0 to be a better platform to build than the LT1. Only after getting my hands on both later on, I relized my folly. A stock M6 Lt1 will still take a stock cobra, so that point is fairly null.

    Heavier by like what? 150#'s if?! Please dude. I'm guessing you're still stuck in the honda mentatlity of anti displacement/weight. I guess I like efficiency too, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Have you compared other areas like suspension design on both cars the f-body and the mustang? We have junk geometry and a junk platform, I myself think it's sad when the only thing 'great' about a flexy ass stang is the unibody platform. You're swapping k members if you want to turn it decent.

    Brakes? Oh, right....do the cobra conversion, enjoy the tiny rears, or just enjoy the larger on all 4 corners on the competition. Aluminum driveshaft stock.

    Yes, they are better, they have more cubes and are more modern. Newer is ususally better. I got mine cheap enough to where It 'seemed' to be a better deal than paying more for a newer f-body or a mod cobra. Well at the end of the day, you are still $$$ in, and could've just bought a used vette or done a cam only, full bolt ons f-body and made 100+ more to the tires, handling well and getting 30mpg enjoying the open roof.

    I like the looks of my car, but they aren't low and sleek like my T/A, to which I don't think I'd quite enjoy an LT1 build fwiw.

    My friend with his 331 has excuse after excuse losing to the near stock Z28. He likes his mustangs; that's cool. Everyone's allowed to like what they want. Mine's fun to drive. My brother with the Z still won't give up his fox. But these car's are agreeable dogpoop to build from. I like the exterior to an extent, it has its own look. But with not even really 302 cui to power them...a 5 vs a 6spd, and the latter, they are easily outclassed. The 4.6 variant is arguably better or worse, but at least the blocks can take alot. Not entirely my cup of tea though.

    I really like how easy it is to work on my car, and the simplicity, it makes the car that much more intruging to build with. I can't say it's terrible to make power with as long as a power adder is used, but without they do get discouraging with a 'mild' setup twisting the car to the 6k levels.

    I guess I would just rather a c5 or so, and get my power, my milage, my looks, and handling. And sadly at around the same cost as my stang....with more value. I guess I'll just cry when it breaks.
  15. Is this one of those guys that has a 600rwhp Supra but runs consistent mid 12s?

    I don't know why people are content to race dynos and say this or that car is faster based off some peak dyno number that is so easy to skew based on the day, operator, model, correction factor, etc.

    Who the F really buys a sports car, mods it to the gills, then uses its MILEAGE as a bragging point? There is definitely something to be said for efficiency, but having been to many track and street races I never seemed to recall MPG on a time slip or have someone spot another car 2 lengths because of gas mileage.

    Thats really cool fellas, so when you bring your LOSING car back to the pits, you can smugly smile and say "He loses in the end because he will spend more money on gas on the way home." Way to win the battle but not the war. And he's driving home on the gas he bought with the 100 bucks he took out of your pocket!!

  16. There's more to having a fast car that you trailor out and only take 10 min from home. There are also other forms of motorsport that people enjoy that isn't just straightline. The only people running 12s with 600rwhp are rich idiots who can't drive.

    Hey maybe I'll build something that gets 5mpg....but hell man at least I'll never lose! I just won't be able to actually take my car out and enjoy it without dropping $50 at a time. Maybe you live your life 1/4 mile at a time lol.....
  17. Furthermore, exactly how cool is low 13s and 12mpg?

    WTF am I supposed to 'barely edge out' a new G8?
  18. I don't want to argue which is better, I just want to share a little experience.

    My lightly modified '94 GT is capable of:
    - 14.8's @ 96mph
    - 28MPG (not on the same tank ;))
  19. I make 590 for less than you can with an LS engine.

    Knowledge is power!
  20. You sound extremely bitter, and I'm sorry that your life is so harsh. When you compare sports cars to each other, typically the quarter mile is the universal standard in terms of speed. Its a joke to compare Corvettes to Mustangs. Furthermore its a joke to use MPG as a reason to get one over the other. If people wanted to compete in slalom and road race courses, I would suggest they stay away from Mustangs. If they want to look at straight line speed, I would like wise tell them that AWD cars are not the best choice. If they want to compete in MPG "races" I would suggest the Toyota Prius or a 4 cylinder diesel.

    I vote this thread for the lock.

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