"95 GT is the Mustang II of the 90's, slow,heavy, gaz guzzlers and ugly!"

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by TheDamned, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. So so true By the time you can out run and out handle a Z06, you have something that is not a mustang. Burning 1.20 a gallon fuel I can care less about fuel economy.
  2. Amen to that!

    Black95GTS I 100% agree If you are worried about gas milage he is in the wrong hobby.

    Yeah compair the mustang to a vette:rlaugh: The vette does not seem so great when compaired to what it was build to compete against the Ford GT and the Viper.
  3. When I had nothing but AFR 165 heads, Camshaftinnovations cam, Performer intake, 70mm TB, SHORTY headers, and 3.73 gears I easily outran LS1's. Hell I remember one time when I ran across a modded LS1 T/A automatic the look on his face when I pulled away from him while I was grabbing gears was priceless. Then at the next redlight he asked if I would mind him spraying me. :rlaugh:

    Maybe you should learn how to drive? :shrug:

    After my dyno tune I got seriously around 22mpg on the highway or maybe more. To me that is damn good mileage for a 12 second car.

    Why can't you drive it? I've got a power adder and drive my car DAILY! I could drive to Mexico if I wanted to and when I get there throw on the 15" wheels and rip of a 10 second pass.

    Great! Then maybe we wont have to listen to you bitch and moan all the time. :nice:

    Apples to apples buddy. IMO if you want to play that game then throw in a 351W with as good as heads to the LS1 and a cam of equal. That would be alot better comparison. :shrug:

    As far as you saying it takes H/C/I+a blower to run with a cam/bolt on GM...that is simply not true. It would take a cam/bolt on+nitrous to run with my daily driver 5.0. And yes I am still on the stock 131k miles pistons, rings, rods, rod bolts, crank, main caps, block, and oil pan. :D

    Go get your LS1 and let me know when you get it and I'll make you miss your SN95 5.0 :nice:
  4. I just knocked down 20.43mpg in my car, and that INCLUDED my 4 dyno pulls I had just made. I don't think that is bad for a 380rwhp, 3600+lb vert with 4.10's and 315 series tires out back.
  5. :flag::nice:
  6. anytime theres a show or meet, it does seem like we are the mustang II's. the fox guys dont like us because, well, they arent foxes. The 96+ dont like us because we arent mod motored! so often i have to park off to the side in the corner with the mavericks :(

    but honestly thats why i wanted this car. i wanted a v8, but not the torque-less 4.6. 5L's r cool but a dated looking 80's rattle-trap was something i couldnt justify making a payment on. what do i do??? enter the 94-95 GT:hail2: the body i liked(loved ever since i saw em) with a motor i KNEW had potential(5.0L=icon) it worked out perfect.

    i would have loved to have ls1 z28(or vette,or cobra,or viper...) but my finacial reality said it didnt make sense. at the time, well worn LS1's were almost twice what my 94 cost. So payin 100% more($5K vs $10K) to get 50% better MPG(22 vs 30) didnt make alot of sense:scratch:

    Besides if i cared about gas mileage, i wouldnt have traded in my cavy!!

    To each their own, thats whats makes the car community great:SNSign:
  7. Well man dont mean to be a dick or nothing but maybe its your driving, cus u got more power and tq than him......

  8. Not to mention he should weigh less. :nice: Although he probably has his 2 15"s in the back with his hat kicked sidewayz hollain at da girlz. Thats probably why he can't outrun a mini van. :rlaugh:
  9. Guess he did not get the memo that the 96-97's were the new mustang II's. I leave out the 98's as they had a little bump in power and run well with some well picked mods (first hand exp.).

    We are not the fastest but there is always someone faster.

    GM can say the vett is Americas sportscar...Ford doesnt even have to say the mustang is Americas pony car...because it just IS with no questions.

    So what if he is faster...try to hook up with a fun girl instead of measuring pen-is with someone else...its a loose-loose situation.

    I like the hobby more than the brands. A gear head with a clue can appreciate that. The faster guy will rub it in...thats what happens but if that is ALL he does, not cool IMHO.
  10. Hanky, I used to think you were a pretty cool guy. You put in this thread that you hate the car that you have now. Why keep it? Why bitch about it? I've seen guys like you. I was around in the 80's, when you guys were SWARMING out of your F body junk because they were a $4000 premium over Mustangs, were slower, less comfortable and harder to work on. (Pull the silencer, set the timing at 13*, bolt on some M&H Racemasters and go knock-off LOW 13's, all day long, in a Mustang.) I'd say that the Bowtie guys STILL haven't gotten over that. The ONLY reason GM built the LS1's was because they were getting their asses kicked by (302cid!!!!) Mustangs that had NO PARTS added. Add to that the fact that any LS1 Fbody is cheaply built, poorly engineered, (still) uncomfortable to sit in for more than a few minutes and (still) hard to work on. Oh yeah, The General has come a LONG way. At least they killed that POS platform. Long overdue. I think GM was embarrassed.

    Our SN95's are only a couple hundred pounds heavier and have the exact same suspension/driveline and a much better looking/more rigid/quieter body as the Foxes going all the way back to 1979. I'd say that the SN95 was INSTRUMENTAL in helping kill the old F body. The Mustang II NEVER helped end ANY car line other than it's own. Yet the Mustang name was strong enough to survive through it.

    I think you should 1) learn to engineer some parts together and tune them properly 2) learn to drive (What's your reaction time, 60 foot, 1/8th, 1/4 and trap? Don't be embarrassed. Maybe we can help you. Find a Chevy guy that will do THAT!) 3) Respect the fact that because the Fbody was junk and the Mustang wasn't, the Mustang is still available new and the Fbody is not. (The proof is in the fact that Mustangs have been in continuous production, since 1964. )

    Finally, I do believe that a fair comparison to the LS1 would be a 351w w/ some AFR225 heads and a decent cam. You can "rationalize" that the 302 is "weak" because of that. You might be right. (This IS the same 302 that came in millions of other Fords, right down to the cylinder heads.) I'd say that you "poo-poo" that sort of comparison because you know that the LS1/Fbody would come up short, yet again.

    So, do us all a favor, go tell your LS1 buddies that you are selling your Stang and buying an LS1 Fbody. I'm sure they'd love to have you back. (Truthfully, I'll bet they'd all like to sell you theirs. ;) You could prolly even sell the Stang to one of them.) Go on. Get out of here. Why are you still reading? Your poor attitude won't be missed here and you'll blend right in with all the crabby asses that "love" their Fbodies.

  11. *high fives reddy* :nice:

    And reddy has a good point too. Hanky, you should be eating your friend's LS1 for lunch. Either there's something your buddy isn't telling you about his LS1 or you've left a lot of power on the table with your combo. This forum has a LOT of combined experience; we can help you figure out what's wrong with your combo AND won't make fun of you for it.

    But if all you want to do is b*tch, go put your Stang up for sale and get out of here. We run a respectful forum, and griefers are not welcome here. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  12. I concur with the above replies, and with that this thread is done.
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