Fuel 95 Gt - Issues Draining The Fuel Tank

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  1. I hooked up an adapter to the schrader valve port on the fuel rail and installed a vinyl tube to drain the fuel out of my fuel tank. IIRC, I left the tank full when I parked it in the garage. It's been a few years since I have driven the Mustang, and I did not use fuel stabilizer.

    The gas is dark brown and definitely toast. I have managed to drain 3 gallons of fuel, but now I am mostly getting air. The gauge reads as full still. Either my fuel tank is empty, the pump is clogged or the fuel filter is clogged. My assumption is that the fuel filter is clogged.

    Is their an easier way to drain the fuel (maybe a thin hose down the filler neck and a hand pump)? Or should I assume the fuel filter is clogged, disconnect it before the fuel filter and turn the fuel pump on again and see what comes out? I don't want to add new gas unless I am sure I have removed all of the old fuel. I suppose I could pour a gallon of the bad gas back into the fuel neck and see if I can get another gallon out of the fuel rail adaper. That would tell me that the tank is empty. But if I add the gallon, and nothing more comes out, then something is clogged, I suppose.

    As always, your thoughts are appreciated, even if it has been a very long time since I have been here. Thanks!
  2. Just bite the bullet and pull the tank. Once you get the fill tube out, you'll probably get some drainage from it. When the tank is down, you can lift it and pour it into something. I used a bucket once. You will most likely take a bath in it, but it is the fastest way.
  3. If you are planning to siphon from the filler neck you will need to punch out the anti-siphon valve.
  4. I dropped my tank when I let the car sit for over a year. The fuel was a nasty color. However my lawn equipment loved that fuel, well they smoked a lot but it was 10 Gallons. You're pretty much in this boat now.
  5. If I am correct and the tank is nearly full, how can I drop the tank by myself without draining it beforehand. 2 floor jacks to balance it like dropping a rear end?
  6. yeah that's the best way. it sucks but it can be done. just make sure you have enough towels ready for the bit you will inevitably spill. i would without a doubt replace that fuel filter. also, replace the fill neck gasket while your at it.
  7. The last time I had to do this, I disconnected the fuel lines from the rails and put them directly into a gas can.

    My next step was to jack the front of the car up a couple of inches to get everything I could toward the tank sump (I leveled and rejacked one time).

    I added some gas dryer and 5 gallons of fresh cheap gas and pumped that out as well. Used it in my garden equipment just like Vibrant suggested above.

    Do not use this method if you suspect that there might be loose solids (i.e. rust) in your tank.

    If you choose to drop the tank, it would be an EXCELLENT time to go ahead and swap out the fuel pump for a fresh one and keep the removed pump as a spare.
  8. How would I know if there is rust inside the tank?

    Where the car sits now, I really can't drop the tank and make a mess all over the concrete. So I would have to have the car towed to somewhere else to do it. So if I could drain it using the fuel pump, that would be ideal.
  9. Pour some of the gas into a clear glass jar and let it sit. If you see dirt (shavings/rust/etc) settle on the bottom then I'd drop the tank.
  10. Ok, perfect. I have 2 gallons sitting in the garage in 1 gallon clear water bottles so if there is anything there it should show up. How much time will it take for it to show up? 24hours enough?
  11. That's plenty. Just remember that the particles you're looking for are going to tbe small because the fuel has already gone through a sock and a filter before getting to your jar.
  12. Excellent. I will check it out tonight or tomorrow and get back you. Thanks for the input!
  13. I'd get the tank boiled too.