95 GT - Overheating Problems

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  1. My father in law is having an overheating problem with his 95 GT. The computer was turning the electric fan on at 210 degrees and that is where the car would run constantly. He wanted the car to run a little cooler, so we installed a 180 degree thermostat.

    We also unplugged the stock connectors on the electric fan and installed a kit that uses a temp sensor to signal the e-fan to turn on. The temp sensor signals the e-fan to turn on at 190 degrees.

    When idling, the car will not go above 190 degrees. It can idle all day long at 190. As soon as he takes the car for a drive, the car quickly rises to 230+ degrees. The fan is turning on as it is designed to.

    I have been using the same wiring kit on my Fox for about 2 years without any problems.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Are both the HIGH and LOW speed fans coming on?
  3. Did not know there were two fans, how do you tell?
  4. one speed is louder than the other :shrug:

    on the 94/95 fans the ground is constant for both speeds and one of the +wires is for low and one is for high. If your using a kit like the Spal where it ramps up the speed of the fan as the temp increases wire it for the high speed
  5. Though a good bit won't apply to your modified fan wiring, here's some info on the 94-95 cooling systems.

    In general, running hotter at speed than at idle means the system is simply overloaded at speed (and is marginally able to reject enough heat at idle) or that the air dam is missing from up front.

    Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the info. I was reading about the gauge being erratic and giving high readings. This is what seems to be happening. As soon as the car is driven, the gauge goes sky high.
  7. are you willing to bet your motor that the guage is erratic. our radiators are known to clog up from the bottom. you could pull the rad and have it flow tested cheap and then decide if its the rad or guage. btw how many miles in the rad/car
  8. Gauge was new last year. The Ford Racing gauge made by autometer. The rad was fine up until we put the new wiring in. Don't think it is the rad either. I am thinking maybe air in the system or maybe the rad cap???

    I confirmed with the manufacturer of the wiring kit. It is designed to run at high when it comes on.

    We are going to try and drain the coolant and re-fill and try a new cap see if that helps.

    Other than that I am confused as to why this is happening. :shrug:
  9. i had the exact issue on my cobra there was a small leak in the radiator when idle it would be around 190 degrees or less and I have the spal fan controller as well as soon as I get on it it would spike up 15 degrees on my autometer gauge and the fan would be on.Flush the radiator first to see if it improves if it does since our cars are 13-14 years old it would be best to replace the radiator. Good Luck
  10. one more thing to ck is the lower rad hose might be colasping under throttle