Digital Tuning 95 Gt Some Time High Idle, Lost Power And Check Engine Light

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  1. sorry this repost, cause I post on the fox forum :(
    my 95 mustang gt some time high idle, it did before and I replace IAC and it fix it, but now it did again, my english is bad, let me try to explaint

    When cold it ran fine and some time jerking and check engine light on
    it high idle some time when it hot out side, but when I put in gear idle drop back down to normal
    some time car drive really strong and smooth, some time i feel like it have no power.
    and when ever the car is jerking while driving, I saw check engine light on
    first when I crank the car when hot, and high idle the check engine light flash 3-4 time then stop flash
    some time hard to start ? and some time need second crank to start, and some time after it start rmp drop and want to die.

    I take to friend shop and he cant get the code to come up. he cant scan the code.

    think im concern is, either bad maf sensor ?
    and is coolant temperture sensor have anything to do with it ? i heard is control air/fuel mix also ?
  2. Yes,codes first.
    Our cars are OBD1.
    The port is in the engine bay,on the passenger side strut tower,NOT under the dashboard.
  3. I just bought a code reader at O'Reilly and opted for the digital read out. Our cars have 3 digit codes in them. Spend the extra $10 and get the digital read out.
  4. forgot to update, car run fine no problem, lesson to learn, NEVER USE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER !! ON THESE OLD CAR. I use some redline fuel inject cleaner, and that where the problem start

    btw, i have feeling my injector is leaking, cause I can smell fuel some time when I fill up the car, but after drive for a while I dont smell gas until next time fill up, and car is hard to start first try on hot day, but alway crank up second try.
  5. If you havent change that fuel filter and also check your gas tank grommet. That may be where your gas smell is coming from.