95 Gt \ Sputtering & Loss Of Power

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by CWBx, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Hello.
    I just replaced the MAF Sensor yesterday along with a new CAI Filter.
    Pretty much lately the car has gotten harder to start and idles roughly.

    But after it warms ups its ok while sitting at idle.
    When driving the car will lurch some when cruising.

    Sometimes I'll be driving and the car runs perfectly.
    But then all of a sudden out of no where the engine will lose 5-10mph and start sputtering.
    CEL doesn't come on but something for sure isn't right.

    I pulled the codes via jumper wire anyway and the only thing it has is either error 563 or 56 & 3.
    Later today if it's not raining I'm going to change all the plug wires and plugs because they're old.
    Also replacing the fuel filter and primary engine->neg. battery cable because it's frayed.

    **Additionally, I took the car by Oreillys where they pulled the codes via an OBDI code reader.
    It listed:
    DTC 32| EVP - (R) EGR not responding properly during test - EVP
    DTC 38| Idle Tracking Switch signal was intermittent - ISC

    Other details are that the CCRM has a bad high-speed fan relay so it's jumpered using PIN 17 in order to cool the car.

    Could the Fuel Injection relay also be going bad on the CCRM causing this problem?

    So I'm also going to have my buddy mill out an EGR block-off plate and cap the other end.

    If anyone has any diagnostics or replacement part ideas I'd be grateful to hear. Thank you!