95 gt vaccum problem!!

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  1. Yeah, I have a 94 mustang that was a 3.8 and just done a 5.0 swap, it has gt40p heads, e303 cam, edelbrock upper and lower intake. I bought a 95 GT that had been hit inthe side to do the swap, problem was the motor already had a blown head gasket so I had them shaved, now that motor is in the v6 car I seem to have a some what bad vaccum leak (i think) at the back of the lower intake, I can spray brake cleaner (prolly not the best idea) where the lower intake meets the heads and the idle picks up. What I am wondering is if you get your heads shaved is it going to affect the way your lower sits on the heads? May be a stupid question but I dont know, was also wondering if I could double up the gasket due to not wanting to shave the intake cause I do plan on updating the heads just not as soon as I would like. Sorry for the long post but really need help, car also bogs out sometimes and just doesnt seem to have the power. Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Check for leaks around the pcv valve
  3. You might also try just simply taking the lower off and retorquing it (25 ft lbs bottom and 12-15 top I do believe)
  4. Shaving the heads will squeeze the intake into the valley more. Unless you had a ton shaved off(like .100 or more) it shouldn't hurt. If you know how much was shaved off I can do some calculations at work tonight to tell you the difference now.

    Did you use RTV sealant on the end gaskets? I didn't even use the end gaskets, just filled it full of RTV and left it set up for and hour or so then threw the intake on and finger tightened for another hour or so then torqued it.
  5. thanks for the response

    yeah i threw the end gaskets away, always had problems with them, The heads were shaved by the previous owner but i do not know how much, I know that when I took the to the machine shop they had to shave 15,000ths, I really appreciate the help, sometimes it runs good and others it wants to cut off. And help is greatly appricated and if there is anything else I can let you all know to help me out just ask. Thank u again
  6. Without knowing total amount shaved between you and previous owner there is no way to tell. You shouldn't be able to shave enough off to affect the gasket though. You would end up with piston to valve clearence issues before you move the gasket surfaces enough to hurt it
    I would go back and retorque the intake again and check for leaks around the PCV valve and hoses off the bottom of the intake plenum.

    I use carb cleaner to check but brake clean is the same difference.
  7. Thank you again

    Thanks again, I am going to try that and let you know the results, I really do appreciate the help.
  8. any time that's what we are here for. Hope it works.