Drivetrain 95 Gt With Transmission Issues

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  1. So my car has trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. When I put it in 2nd and then apply gas it sometimes pops out of gear and into neutral. Leads me to believe its a synchro issue or worn gear.

    My question is, rebuild or buy a different better transmission? Obviously money is a concern so I'm not really willing to spend a lot. I just don't want the same problems to keep happening.
  2. Definately a problem in the synchro hub somewhere. Depends on what you want to do with the car, how much power etc. Also how willing you are to rebuild it yourself. Stuff like that.

  3. I'll rebuild it myself, I don't know what I'm doing but I heard about a couple of rebuild videos.

    At a decent tranny shop here it's going to be at least $800 for labour and a rebuild kit - not including any synchro assemblies.

    I want to make more power eventually but time/money are issues with two little ones.

    I'm tempted to just do my clutch and flywheel work and leave it till it explodes but I know that's bad.
  4. If a transmission has a problem, it's best to fix what's broken before it causes more damage. The original soft parts rebuild kit from Motorcraft (which is all you need) is $249 on Summit and Jegs. This kit includes all the parts to upgrade the transmission to a World Class T-5 (Cobra Transmission). You can find rebuild kits on ebay for $199, but I don't know that it's worth taking the risk on inferior quality to save $50. I also recommend replacing the bearing retainer with a aluminium/steel one. The factory one is just aluminium which causes binding issues with the throwout bearing. It's $39 on Summit or Jegs.

    The transmission work itself is really easy to do. You only need basic hand tools and a punch to punch out the roll pins. The complete service manual has good instructions and is really all you need to rebuild the transmission. Where ever it says to seal it up with bla bla bla Tremec sealant, just use Ultra black RTV. The manual is available for free in pdf from TTC. I have the link below. The second item on the list is the T-5 service manual. Manuals

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  5. I bought the T5 rebuild video from badshoeproductions. It made the rebuild process very easy. It's really pretty simple anyways, but it's nice being able to see what you need to do in the video.

    Just make sure you get the end play right on the main shaft, otherwise you'll be rebuilding it again shortly.