1. I have a sn95 gts it has all options from the small amount of information I've been able to find the GTS was supposed to be a standard car with no options I would like to know how many were made in my color and how rare this car. It's laser red but mildly modded but I kept all stock parts
  2. Google search
  3. Yeah forums are for suckers
  4. well, the whole 'how rare' part answer is not very. sure there weren't a lot, but they sure aren't highly desirable either.
    Just kind of cool to have one to say yours is different from a GT, but at the same time it sucks having roll up windows, non-electric seat and such.
    I think our mustangs look better without the spoiler though like on the gts.
  5. laser red is the 2nd most common color. sorry, but even if it's a GTS it's not rare.
  6. Quit bursting his bubble. ;)
  7. What's the most common color, white?
  8. oops i stand corrected, laser red was the most produced in 95.
    Color Name Paint Code Units Sold
    Laser Red E9 29,450
    Deep Forest Green NA 27,792
    Black UA 27,112
    Crystal White ZR 26,899
    Rio Red E8 22,533
    Teal RD 9,845
    Bright Blue KF 7,819
    Opal Frost WJ 5,881
    Canary Yellow BZ 3,497
    Sapphire Blue JA 2,584
    Vibrant Red ES 1,625

    Additional Production Facts
    Mustang GTS model
    (all colors) w/T5 4,848
    Mustang GTS model
    (all colors) w/AODE 1,522
  9. Interesting
  10. why did you bold canary yellow?
  11. I'll bet it's because Prokiller's is that color.
  12. Because it's a bad ass color, and there are only a handful of us lucky to have one.

  13. Mine is a 94 Iris vert. More rare than all y'all :cool:

    '94 BY COLOR: Laser Red (E9)-22,345
    Black (UA)-19,849
    Deep Forest Green(NA)-18,869
    Crystal White (ZR)-18,760
    Rio Red (E8)-13,793
    Teal (RD)-11,948
    Bright Blue (KF)-6,191
    Opal Frost (WJ)-4,048
    Canary Yellow (BZ)-4,038
    Vibrant Red (ES)-2,453
    Iris Metallic (GC)-1,304
  14. For Deep Forest Green being so plentiful I have only seen 1 in my area in the last 10-15 years.

    And Kevin my buddy use to have a iris metallic coupe...that car had so many issues,hopefully its not a pattern with the few they made ;)
  15. Mine has 133k. It's been a great car. I don't mind things going bad. It means I get to replace the part with something better. But so far, I haven't had a single problem.... knock knock
  16. i pulled the data from yellow mustang registry. just didn't remove the bold.

    mines black actually.
  17. It certainly is, I want a canary yellow vert with a white top so bad. Those look sick.

    Lol makes more sense now, contrary to what Kurt was trying to feed me.

    I think I have the rarest color too, e9 laser red, right? :nice: