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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by preacherman, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. pretty much every body panel with the exception of the hood and bumper cover. Fenders are wavy but useable...everything else is good. Also, rear grey seat, side panels, package trey, and trunck panels. Let me know what you want and i'll price it out.
  2. is the entire interior grey or black?
  3. let me check and see...i said grey but it may be more black than grey, i 'll check monday and get back to ya.
  4. yep..my bad..the interior is black..the seats have a grey/silver insert.
  5. need almost everything for the interior from the seats to carpet, to the bottom half pieces of the front and rear. mine is two-tone. The top half of the interior is black including the dash. once u get to the glove box and steering wheel everything else is grey. let me know what you have and price
  6. sorry man...mine is black, all except the seat inserts and about all thats left is the rear seat, seat belts, and side panels. Sorry i couldn't help ya.
  7. i'm sorry i didn't make myself clear.. I'm looking to convert to black.. So shoot me a price on whats left thats black
  8. I'm looking for the door panel inserts and the passenger side lock and window switches.
  9. door panels

    I need both door panels and switch housings if you still have them, can you tell me a price shipped to 31775?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.