95 mustang boggs out

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  1. Here's the problem.... I just installed 1.7 rocker arms and the car suddenly runs terrible. I have the following upgrades:
    -30lb injectors
    -fuel pressure regulator (37psi)
    -190 lbhrs. High pressure fuel pump(brand new)
    -Mass Air meter (75mm)
    -Edlebrock RPM intake
    -Cold air intake
    -3.73 gears
    -aluminum driveshaft
    -king cobra clutch
    -full exhaust(except for headers)
    Ok. Car ran great with the mods. listed above. Then i installed the Crane 1.7 rocker arms; followed the instructions and now it hesitates and shuts off at a stop. I thought it was the fuel pump however I just installed the one listed above and it still runs horrible. The car is always hesitant. Please help. What could be the problem???
  2. How exactly did you torque them? To 18ft-lbs making sure the wrench turned no more than one full round before it clicked? If you put too much preload in them the valves make be staying open slightly.
  3. What he said...Especially if it ran ok before...
  4. Thanx anyways but to tell ya the truth i didn't plug the throttle postion sensor in all the way. I was in a hurry. Now it runs great im running a 13.48 on street tires.
  5. Sweet...an easy fix.... :nice:

    I know the feeling... :bang: finished up my Fox conversion last nite...WOOHOO...start it up and its taching 3k and won't stop...W.T.F..????

    Having the IAC on backwards didnt help...flipped it around...Damn...runs mint..
  6. I just put in a 180* thermo yesterday and kept wondering why it was getting so hot so fast. I checked the lines and there was no fluid running through it. I kept cursing and filling up the OVERFLOW TANK and not the radiator. When I realized what I did, I started laughing. My dad came out and called me a dumbass. So, I put my mouth on the overflow tank and kept blowing. There is a line connecting to the radiator so I got the overflow down to the line then I filled the radiator up. Now guys, my question. My "low coolant" light wont shut off. I hear you have to reset it or something. Anyone know how to do that?
  7. I see your sig. So you have stock heads? I have access to 1.7 cranes. My car is basically stock. Can I put these rockers on my car without a problem? Not trying to highjack your post, just trying to get some first hand info. And how did the install go? Tools? Time? Should I have other mods before I try this up grade? Thanks :flag: :flag: