95 mustang gt dies when driving starts back up or some times it wont? help please

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by uggghdave, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. i got a 95 mustang gt. some times you can drive it an it wont die but some time it dies an starts back up then some time it wont for a little bit? i replaced the module on the inner fender an the coil its got fuel pressure got gauge under hood. when it dies u can take the coil wire off no spark? please help just got a job an now this.:shrug:
  2. replace the distributor. it is probably the PIP (aka hall effect sensor) in there. it is known to fail when the engine is hot and then start working again after it has sat and cooled off a while.
  3. Distributor

    I agree with BlackVert. I just had to do this on my 95. MAKE sure you get a new one. Not a reman!!! Most of the reman test the pip and it tests good since it is cool. Get it in your car and you have the same problem.

    Had a guy go through 4 before he bought a new one. Mine cost me less then a 100.00

  4. thanks you guys! thats what i was thinking but was not 4 sure that the pip sensore was bad but im going to change it an see what happens. will let you know if it was it.