95 Mustang GT Help Me Decide

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  1. Just wanting some suggestions on what I should do with my car. I have the motor/trans out of it right now. I am gonna re-paint the car and rebuild the tranny (T-5). I already have a new King Cobra clutch for it.
    I was thinking either a decent blower or some spray. How much is the clutch good for? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    It will not be a DD and it currently has 3.73's
  2. stroked & blown
  3. There are endless possibilities with an endless source of funds :nice:

    But give us an idea on what kind of budget you're looking at. Do you have plans of rebuilding the engine as well or are you wanting to add bolt-ons to the existing engine and not have to open it up?

    If the stock motor has alot of miles on it, I'd say it would be worthwhile to start by building a solid foundation with a stoker and/or H/C/I first instead of boosting it now and end-up having to rebuild it later anyhow. A forged 9.0:1 347 would be a good starting point. As for the clutch, I thought the KC's were good for 350 ft-lbs but I'm not sure.
  4. I would like spend $1500 or so rebuilding the engine while i have it out now. As of right now the car has a cobra intake and i will be installing a F cam. So any guidance on what is needed from there heads or anything else i am open to suggestions.

    I have been torn lately between modding the 95GT, and the 96GT which has a complete drivetrain from a 01GT. I have already installed longtubes and full exhaust with 3.73's CAI, Trickflow plenum, 70mm BBK TB. It is an auto so that is one downfall to it though.
    Thanks for any help on my dilemma.
  5. 95 by far, its faster. and easier to work on. the early single overhead cam 4.6 motor wasnt all that great as far as power
  6. What kind of miles are on the engine?
  7. the 95GT has around 110k
    the 96 has a complete 01GT motor/trans/rear with 36k
  8. You are in the 94-95 section. You can quite bringing that 96 GT up.... no one here is going to tell you to work on it. :D

    I would say with 110K on the pushrod, you still have some good miles in it, if it seems to run good. Throw a blower on it and go.