95 Mustang GT no spark from coil

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by bigdumogre375, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. I have a 95 gt 5 speed with 122k on it. Bought this car cheap and its been one thing after another with it. It was my daily driver til it quit running the other day while driving. It just died all of the sudden while in motion did not sputter or anything, and will not start. Car turns over and all, but there isnt any spark coming from the coil. I have already replaced the coil, distributor, and ignition control module all with no luck. I dont know where to go from here I am no where near a mechanic, but also not completely incompetent. I dont know how to do anything electrical and have been throwing parts at it while taking advice from other shadetrees around my house. I desperately need it fixed and would even pay someone to fix it if they were reasonable and honest. THank you for all your help guys
  2. i had this problem with my car also. thereis a module on the passanger side finderwell under the air box that looks like a heat extractor. some times they get to hot and stop working off and on. that might be your problem but my problem was the ground wire to my ECM.
  3. the pickup coil in the distributor most likely went bad its a common issue in these cars this sends the signal for the coil to fire
  4. he replaced the dizzy.

    are you getting fuel to the engine? what pressure?
    have you ck'd fuses in passenger compt. and under hood?