95 Mustang GT power loss RPM issue


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Aug 11, 2018
Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my car after numerous attempts to fix the issue to no avail. My 95 Mustang GT has had this ongoing issue for a long time. Pedal has this sort of vibrating feel when pressed cruise or load. Car bogs and sounds loud and not going anywhere past 1,000RPM it climbs up if I let it but no acceleration/power feels like I'm forcing the engine if I try past 2,000 it's annoying. So I always change gear at 2,000 because it feels terrible. I had the CEL on and I decided to go with a random guess by cleaning the MAF since I had no OBD1 scanner. It fixed the problem!... momentarily. The check engine light went away and the car ran so much better. Well that only lasted about 2 days. The RPMs ran so smooth and at the pedal and I could punch it past 4,500 and feel the power.

Long story short I have changed:
Spark Plugs (autolite and I changed them yesterday to Motorcraft around 0.52-0.54. Autolites were white as it's running lean. I heard this model does better with OEM)
Accel Coil Pack
Cap and Rotor and wires
BBK power Plus MAF $300 :(
Both 02 sensors
Fuel filter
Fuel pump was changed about a year ago

Hasn't helped

More parts but regarding the issue I've spent money and now I'm frustrated.

I also forgot to mention when I change gears the RPMs surge about 500-1,000 up and go back down to normal after changing

No check engine light. I have disconnected the negative terminal to reset the ECU and ran it about 12 miles and not helping.

Do I need to clear the codes even if the check engine light is not on to tell the computer I have changed the Maf?? I don't want to keep spending money and not fix it.

Any help?

Car currently hit the 96k mark its stock besides the Cai and maf and coil
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