95 Mustang V6 in a II

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  1. Latest quick fix idea is to drop a 95 Mustang V6 and 5 spd tranny in my 78.
    Anyone on here know if this has been done?
    I found a donor car at the wreckers and think all the parts I need are still there. I think it is still a 3.8 so same block but EFI.

  2. Same block as what? The 3.8 is not the same block as the 2.8. The 4.0 V6 is the evolved version of the IIs 2.8.

    As far as being done, anything can be done.
  3. Right.
  4. Physically it should fit fine, so long as you have the car set up for a 302. After all a 3.8L is almost just a 5.0 with two cylinders missing.

    the EFI is probably done just as easily as for a 5.0. Doesnt seem like the hardets of swaps, but if you're going to swap in a 3.8, might as well go 99+, hp is up to about 190 iirc
  5. Yeah I was thinking of the 4.0L engine that uses the Cologne block.
    The 3.8 is a 90 degree V6 and I'm sure there would be a lot more issues.
    Ironically I have a 3.8 Windstar and I think that contributed to the brain fart.
    I'll keep looking. Perhaps I'll find a 2000 4.0L Mazda truck donor kicking around.
  6. mid 90's explorers have 4.0 engines also.
  7. I've been kicking the ideal of an SN-95 V6 swap also, with the best two possibilities being the '99+ 3.8L or the 4.0L OHV engine.

    The 3.8L is probably the easiest (for a manual trans anyway) since it comes with a T-5 and should sit on the 302 engine and trans mounts. You get 190HP with a lighter weight engine than a 302, so it would be great for handling and gas mileage. But there is little room for affordable performance improvements, and you will have nearly everything done that a 5.0L V8 swap would require.

    I have '95 Ranger with the 4.0L OHC engine and it is a great little truck engine. The 5-speed (Mazda?) that its attached to is geared all wrong for a car though. Plus the engine seems to peak about 3500 RPM. The 4.0L OHC ening is much wider and taller, so it wouldn't fit nearly as well. I know that there are cams, headers, and other improvements for this engine, and I imagine that you could bolt the T-5 up with the older 2.8L manual bell housing.

    Both of these engines would be "something different" at car shows, would produce better than MII stock power, would be light and get better fuel mileage. Plus they would be easier to install than "something different" like the SHO V6 or the Lincoln 4.0L V8. I did see pics of a SHO V6 with a carb and a Duraspark distributer grafted onto a cam cover though...

    Do something different...make us proud! :)
  8. 1995 3.8L has 145hp. 6 more then the stock 302 in a II LOL. 2001 Mustang 3.8l is 193HP, that may make more sense, since it would still be an el-cheapo wrecking yard find. Performance parts for 99-04 V6 are plentiful too. From my limited workin's with 3.8l's I would say other then engine mount fabrication, it would be a slam dunk. I replaced the 3.8l in my 84 Thunderbird with a 5.0l, It was really easy. V8 motor mounts and a larger rad, as I remember. The T-bird had a C4 which bolted right up to the 5.0l.

    Now if you want to think out side the box......:D

  9. parts availability is out there for upping the performance on a 3.8. My brother and I slapped a Procharger on his 98 convertible. 295hp at the wheels, that's not even getting into the block. We put the supercharger on with less than 50K on the car's odometer and he's now got over 120K on it. Drives it pretty near every day to, but he's also matured his driving techniques since people think a helicopter is landing when he comes down the road
  10. What about the 4.2L truck V6?
  11. I'm thinking I read somewhere that the 4.2 and 3.8 are virtually the same, I'm pretty some boys over on the V6 are using 4.2 cranks to stroke their 3.8 and help with compression for boosted motors as well.
  12. Yeah, a Nissan engine is "outside the box" allright! But how about stayin' inside the Ford (Mazda) family anyway... :)

    The Duratec 2.3L is used in the Ranger, is DOHC, and has a ton of go-fast parts for it from Cosworth. Its pretty pricey compared to a 5.0L build, but apparently 250 HP is fairly easy to get. Then there's always the MazdaSpeed 2.3 Turbo engine...

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  13. As out of the box a Nissan or other foreign type motor is how practicaly would it be considering they told the story in "Fast and Furious 3" of a 67 or 68 Mustang with a Nissan Motor in it as a drift car, when the actual cars built for the movie had 351's in em cuz the Nissan didn't have enough power to slide the fastback around. As it is now you can drift the 05 and newer stangs with a turbo or supercharger. I guess I'm still old school in my thinking if it wears an oval it should have an oval under the hood.
  14. The 1999-2000 explorers had the 4.0L pushrod V6. I think that is what I am going to look at first. It is the same family block as the 2.8L. Unless the later OHV 4.0L are compact enough to fit, I think it might be too tall.
  15. http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Features/articleId=115632

    The Nissan engine was stock......and faster!!:D The fast and the furious Mustangs started out with 302's with basic bolt-on's and they did not have enough power so the 351W strokers were built.

    The idea is a little out side the box, but these engines go for nothing (often with the transmission). Lets take the Supra engine as an example.

    320hp, 315lbs torque with a transmission $1490.00!! You can't build a 302, and a C4 that make the same power for $1490.00!! The engine is stock at 320hp they can make over a 1000hp if modified. I don't think everybody should run out and put a *** engine in there stang, but when people talk of engine swaps, why not get your best bang for the buck! If you have to weld up new motor mounts why do it for a 145hp V6??
  16. The Duratec 2.3L is used in the Ranger, is DOHC, and has a ton of go-fast parts for it from Cosworth. Its pretty pricey compared to a 5.0L build, but apparently 250 HP is fairly easy to get.

    Then there's always the MazdaSpeed 2.3 Turbo engine...[/QUOTE]
    I love Mazda, but they never really made a high HP rearwheel drive engine. (Other then the rotory), I think outside the box but I was never fond of the magic triangle engine LOL:rlaugh:

    The SR20 DET has 220hp and a huge aftermarket support. It is old school too, no drive-by-wire ect. You can get all the wirring diagrams off the net, because they have been swapped into nearly everything.
    (have not seen a Mustang II SR20 yet):D

    It would be nice to put a Ford in a Ford, but Ford has not made a high HP 4Cyl RWD since the Turbo coupe.....which would make a great swap, but they are getting hard to find and there getting old. (No 25000km ones for $1890.00 with transmission):shrug:
  17. Wish I could find the pictures at work... friend has a '74 Capri with a SOHC 4.0L out of a '97 Explorer HO. Basically the same 4.0L that's in the 2005+ V6 Mustangs.

    210HP, loves to rev, excellent gas mileage...sticks out of the hood by about 2".
  18. The 4.2 has the same exterior dimensions as the 3.8. Just bored and stroked. Essentially the same difference as a 302 and a 347.
  19. You're a putz 98Clone, hehe, J/K. Just go ahead and pull the 3.8 out of your convertible and drop in my T-top since you don't have anything to do but play in the snow with your chick, hehe. I'll give you one of those Clevelands I got and let you rebuild it and slap in your vert, hehe. HOLLA
  20. Some of you might not look at the other forums here so I'll update this thread.
    I bought a 08 Mustang for the wife and to my surprise found out that in 05 Ford switched to the 60 degree cologne V6 in the mustang. ( know it also says the in this thread) thanks a351Must2
    So I am now in full research mode to find a wrecked 4.0L Mustang engine for the II. see how that works.
    Thinking of matching Mustangs for the wife and daughter 30 Yrs split.
    I'll keep you updated.