1. I have a 95' v6 mustang stock everything and I'm trying to get my mustang where I have that aggressive American muscle type sound for my car. I don't want it too loud but i do want it louder than what it sounds right now. What is the simplest/easiest way to do this? I've had some people tell me to just purchase a flowmaster and get it installed and some say to get the h pipe. I know it won't be cheap to do this but i'm not trying to break my pockets either. I'm not into racing, i just love mustangs and the sound of them. How do i get my 95' to rumble?
  2. Well, a V8 would help.

    I have heard V6's with an H-pipe and flowmaster cat-back installed and it sounded decent. Didn't have the rumble though. Hate to be "that guy" and say it, but for that low, deep tone, you really need 2 more cylinders. Has to do with airflow and the extra displacement.
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  3. Ok, I'm confused. You want it to "rumble" but don't want it louder than what it is now.

    And....it's a V6.
  5. I have the same car as you with Flowmaster 44's a CAI, tuner, and H-pipe. It sounds decent IMO but I'm also in the middle of a v8 swap.:crazy:
  6. yes I want it to be louder but not obnoxiously loud. just enough to turn heads.I had a 95 v8 with a summit performance engine swapped in and always got ccompliments. I want my 95 to do thr same but witbout swapping engines.
  7. roughly, how much do you think it would cost to install the off road h pipe and thr flowmasters?
  8. Also, if i just order a bbk off road h-pipe, how many flow master 40 series mufflers will i need to order to go along with the h-pipe?
  9. I have a 95 v6 just like yours and I'm running the exact 2 things I posted. The H-pipe conversion kit lets you add any GT style exhaust you want (you need to cut your stock Y-pipe), and I opted for the Flowmaster 44 kit that includes 2 mufflers and all the tail pipes. I wouldn't go buying an off-road H-pipe for two reasons: 1) your car won't be street legal without catalytic converters and 2) it's not designed to fit your car like a conversion kit... it will require a lot of fabrication to make it work.
  10. You need the adapter kit. You can't order a h-pipe for a v8 car.

    The pacesetter conversion pipe and cat-back listed will get you as close as you can to your goal.

    Duc_stangs post pretty much gave you what you need.
  11. Best way get away from crap masters. Im so tired of everyone having them. Yea they sound ok but damn be different than the norm.
  12. You probably shouldn't be driving a Mustang in the first place if you're overly concerned with being "different." I swear every 10th car I pass on the way to work is some kind of Mustang, usually an S197 or a New Edge.
  13. I meant exhaust everyone around my area has flow masters. Yeah they sound good but break the norm.
  14. That logic makes no sense on a cookie cutter car such as a Mustang.
  15. If it aint broke, why fix it? probably the best exhaust out there in terms of sound and flow
  16. I'm a big fan of mac (which I have) and slp and bassani (full bassani on dads 94 headers to tips)

    But thats just my 2 cents. I wasn't trying to start a cyber fight but when everyone around here has flow masters on EVERYTHING. Its nice to hear a different tone. Flow masters to me are just played out
  17. I have Spintechs on my 93 LX now with long tubes and off road H pipe. Loud, but theres just no tone to it. I had Flowmasters on my 98 GT and it sounded great. Going with Flowmaster dumps on my 93 in the spring.
  18. Again I'm not saying they are bad. They sound good. But they are on everything. Its like no one even looks or listens to exhaust they just get a car and are like Yup I have heard of flowmasters so ill get those. Take the time and look around and YouTube some exhausts before jumping on the "gotta have flowmasters" bamdwagon.