95 power seat problem

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  1. I have a 95 GT and the driver seat won't go forward or back, but it goes up and down fine. I took the seat off to look at the track is still connected to the floor. The motor will start to turn, but it seems like it binds (it is currently all the way to the rear). The motor is kind of warm too even though I don't keep holding the switch. So I assume something in the transmission/gear thing is worn out or stuck. I can see the worm gear thing start to turn, then it stops. So I don't think it is the motor. It looks like there is no way to just replace the one motor and/or transmission. Do I have to replace the entire bottom track with both motors as an assembly? Are these pretty easy to find used? I think I read that Fox all the way up to later models are all compatible. Is this true?

    Will a manual track work ok?
  2. I just swapped mine to a manual track. I used one I got in a trade. Its for an sn95 but it does work.
  3. i replaced mine with a manual track out of a 87 mustang,bolted right up.
  4. I have the same problem. Going to a manual rack will fix the problem, and shed a few pounds.
  5. Thanks. I tried one last time to mess with it and it actually worked. So I cleaned and lubed the screw rods and it seemed to work ok. But after I bolted the seat back on and tried it a few more times it seem to be not working as well. So I guess I will start looking for a manual track.
  6. In the original post you indicated that the seat appears to be binding. I'm still thinking that you may be correct. What's not clear is how you have removed the seat. It seem like you removed the seat from the track and not the whole seat and track. Is that correct?. I would take the seat out with the track still mounted. Two nuts on the front and two bolts on the back holding it to the floor pan. Run temporary power to the connector, loosen the seat bolts and see if the track assembly moves freely. If you didn't see damage on the worm gear and the screw rods and the motor works binding seems to be the only option. Did you check for a cracked track? This could cause binding when weight is applied to the seat or as the bolts are tightened.
  7. Yeah, it does seem like it is binding. When you look at it from the side, you can see the shaft coming out of the motor spinning, then stopping like it is binding. I had the seat out and just tilted toward the back. The track was still mounted. I couldn't get the track out without removing the seat since the seat couldn't be moved (couldn't access the rear bolts of the track with the seat still in). So it was hooked up as you suggested. It definitely seems like it is binding, but I can't tell what. I didn't see anything cracked at all. Seems like it is something inside the little transmission unit. I don't know how to lubricate that part. I just lubricated the screw shaft with white lithium grease.
  8. I had a similar issue, where the seat would go up and down, but not foreward and back.

    The contacts in the switch were worn out, got a new switch and all is good now.