Progress Thread 95 Sapphire Blue Supercharged 351 Build

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  1. What are your detailed plans for the bottom end? Stock fasteners? Studs? Rod bolts?
  2. King bi-metal bearings (have had great results with these in the past) They are very forgiving bearings

    ARP main bolts
    ARP rod bolts
    ARP head bolts

    stock rods
    stock crank

    Probe forged pistons

    Saleen warrantied the s351r with the stock internals minus the pistons, they used forged wiseco. Unfortunately their tune was not very good and resulted in some failures.
  3. Also will be using stock bearing clearances and ring gap will be wider. I am going to use stock ring size 5/64
  4. Well I haven't worked on the car much the last couple of weeks besides tedious rewiring of gauges and basic wiring. I needed some motivation so i took a trip to the machine shop Monday. The engine was out of the vat and sitting in the back of the shop and it looks great. I'm not sure what kind of enamel they use on marine blocks but it is durable.

    Well after some needed motivation it was back to the garage. Last week i cleaned out the shop and organized car parts. Two things were obvious, the heads and supercharger looked like junkyard candidates and the valve covers, I almost threw away. So first the supercharger.
  5. Finally got the block back last week and started building it, I'm down to throwing the valve covers, flywheel, clutch etc on and throwing it in the car. Between waiting on the block and finishing the interior, I invested in a powdercoating setup for the brackets, I will post pictures of them when I get the time.

    Also, I cleaned the engine bay up and painted it with truck bed liner, did some trading for a set of fr500 wheels, grabbed a set of used NT1 275's and 315's, bought an AEM alcohol setup, wired in a pioneer premier deh-p940mp, polk mids/high's, image dynamics idmax 10, kicker zx600 amp and alpine 4channel amp.

    I also invested in a set of new Russell fuel fittings and braided AN lines from the engine bay to fuel rails. I felt that the stock rubber was weak and really didn't feel comfortable running them. Enjoy :)

    20140914_204627_zps1rs1jnoz.jpg 20140726_150821_zpswu8uffqd.jpg 20140726_145611_zpsah9v6rdn.jpg 20140607_180923_zpszzgkot1o.jpg 20141003_184259_zpsboj8twgx.jpg 20141003_185012_zpsl70vwe0l.jpg 20141006_193656_zpsz5lcdmam.jpg 20141006_202616_zpspfzy0omu.jpg 20141008_163214_zpsvbjoaqu3.jpg 20141010_172321_zpsptppprky.jpg 20141013_184516_zpsrrene5h1.jpg 20141013_184801_zpsx5h6v9wb.jpg 20141015_183228_zpsucj6jhor.jpg 20141015_183341_zpss08bknq7.jpg 20141013_203702_zps5ispmeun.jpg 20141013_201831_zpsgbzfm7pt.jpg 20140726_150803_zpswj1r08g6.jpg

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  6. and. 20141018_191419_zpsmcqpjie5.jpg 20141018_191448_zpsdvaaf7dg.jpg 20141018_191439_zps3qrqlw5k.jpg 20141018_191448_zpsdvaaf7dg.jpg

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  7. 20141015_183417_zps99npbaw9.jpg 20141013_203215_zpsj7uiekcy.jpg

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  8. Can i buy those guages?
  9. You already have the car looking 100% better. Cant wait to see what power you make with it.
  10. Thanks! Hoping to make the high 500's
  11. I installed the engine last weekend. The swap went very easy, besides being a very tight fit on the firewall, it was easier that putting longtubes on a foxbody.

    words of advice to anyone who attempts this is to make sure you leave the headers off and before installing them, dent in the runner next to the steering shaft, measure and cut the battery tray, you will have to put wider fuel crossover lines on the rail and the intake sits well above the fender.

    All of the stock wiring worked and the blower is situated in a much better location that when mounted to the 331.
  12. Before pic IMG_20140406_201304_zps9t4is8mk.jpg
  13. Question... Whats with the mismatched VC's? Besides that, nice job on the progress. Have you started it yet?
  14. I haven't had time to polish that one yet, I will pull it off after I get the bugs works out.

    I started it yesterday and both head gaskets are leaking, my plan is to pull the heads off tomorrow and see what's up. It backfired pretty good when I started it up and ran rough, it got worse, the radiator started building pressure and water started coming out of the exhaust. Compression check was perfect 145 from all 8 cylinders. I can tell it has to build heat before the exhaust starts shooting water out.

    Either the backfire took out the fire rings or the block deck is not true or I overheated it letting it idle.

    Besides that it ran great :)
  15. Haha, well good luck sorting it out. Did the machine shop not check the deck surface while it was there?
  16. Ya, he would've, he is a good machinist. I think I loaded it with fuel when I oil primed the blower. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then fired it over and boom. I will post some pics tonight when I pull it apart
  17. Hate to hear that. I've been lurking around in here, just brought home a 351 this weekend and can't decide what to do with it. I like what you have done though.
  18. Thanks, I have put a lot of time into it.

    No leaking head gaskets that I can tell, I have pressurized the coolant system several times, compression check etc and all is good. I believe I have tracked it down to the intake manifold not seating. There was oil in all of the intake runners. Better to be careful than sorry.
  19. Question: I replaced the intake gaskets

    After warming it up, I pulled the upper back off and re torqued the bolts. It still misses and shuts off after a few minutes of run time and cannot be restarted until cold. I believe it may be a burnt out tfi module. Anybody run into this? The wideband will start leaning out, engine will run rough and backfire then die. Fuel pressure is good.

    The oil in the runners is from the pcv setup (a little modding should fix that).

    On a positive note, I could listen to the vortech for hours.