95 Spoiler Loose; No Bolts

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  1. Good day all. First time poster. We have a 95 Mustang with the spoiler loose. There are what looks to be two posts that need to be bolted to the trunk lid, but no bolts. Can someone tell me what size these bolts are? I don't have the car in front of me now but it will be here tomorrow.

    The spoiler is attached; but if you pull up on it the outermost two bolts are the ones missing. Worst case we will take it to the auto parts store and keep trying until we hit it, but it would be nice to have an idea.

  2. Mr Maury

    Two nuts per side.
    One side missing both nuts.

    Remove one nut from side that has them and install it on the side that doesn't.
    Leave socket and socket wrench in car.
    Head to local bolt bin distributor.
    Remove one of the nuts while at the store and take it in with you.

    Welcome to SN!
  3. Interesting JJ. When i looked last, it appeared to have nuts in the end of the rod holding the spoiler to the trunk and all it looked like it needed was a bolt and a washer. Other general research online before joining this group all pointed to issues with nuts like you did. I cannot wait until I get my hands on it again tomorrow. Happens to be a Red 95, but I don't think its a GT.