95 Svt Cobra Stalling In Hot Weather

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Todd3966, May 21, 2013.

  1. I am trying to get some idea as to what would be causing my 95 SVT Cobra to stall and act like it is running out of gas when the temperatures are in the mid 80's to lower 90's. The fuel pump was replaced and it seems like that the stalling has been happening since then, but onlyon days where the temps are high. I have replaced the ignition with a new MSD ignition, as well as a new cap and rotor. The plugs and wires are new within the past 2 years.
    I had an oil change and coolant flush/re-fill yesterday and all fluids were topped off. The gas gauge indicates at least 1/4 tank when this has occurred and it has even been lower, but I try to keep at least half a tank to avoid over-heating of the fuel pump.
    Does anyone have any ideas what is the cause of this? Could it be a vacuum leak? After it stalls it is hard to get it to start - runs very rough and really doesn't get any RPM's up. I have also heard a "tinny" sounding vibration from around the catalytic converters, but none of the four show any loose heat shields - is it possible they have broken down internally and are causing the engine to "choke"? The "check engine" light has only come on once during one of these fits and that I think had to do more with a "bad startup" than it running hot. The temp gauge has always been in the "normal" range during this fits, too. Well any help is greatly appreciated. I have a little over 211,000 miles on it and it still looks in great shape.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sounds like the fuel pump to me.