96-04 4.6l Performance/OEM Parts

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  1. I have a bunch of 4.6l motor parts off of my 2000 Mustang GT that blew after a Vortech install. The parts I'm selling are in good working order and will fit any 96-04 Mustang. I have a more parts that I dont have pics for so if you are interested you can pm me and I will send some. All prices are plus shipping.

    Ford Racing Performance Parts 42# lb Injectors - 175 (~500 Miles)
    90mm Lightning MAF Sensor - 75
    Walbro 255 lph Fuel Pump - 50 (~500 Miles)
    OEM Upper and Lower Intake Manifold - Make Offer
    Stock PI Cams - Make Offer
    Stock Valve Covers - Make Offer
    OEM Replacement Flywheel/Clutch/Pressure Plate - 250 (~6000 Miles)
    OEM Oil Pump - 60


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  2. Where are you located?
  3. Headers and Xpipe still forsale? where are you located?
  4. I would consider the injectors, but 250 is more than they cost brand new...
  5. San Antonio, TX

    Headers and Xpipe are gone

    Lowered to 175, these things were a lot more expensive when I bought them 9 months ago.
  6. You still have the injectors and air meter? Where bouts are you located?
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