96 4.6l Gt Clutch Problem! Help Am A Beginner

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  1. Okay my problem is that when I turn on my 96 4.6L gt when the car is on neutral it makes this clicking noise near the tranny, but once you press the clutch it goes away, and you let it go and it starts making that noise again, and you feel that clicking in your hand when your grabbing the stick, on neutral, and half of the gauges there not working only the gas and mph, am a little worried if it gets worst,

    Please help,

    Thank you
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  2. It could be a throw out bearing going bad. Not sure about the gauges.
  3. Thanks for responding, is because am a little worried about the car if it would get worst, but people tell me to replace the clutch, it might be that, because when you put the reverse gear it gets stuck there, you have to let go the clutch a little and then it works fine, but I want to fix that because I love this car and it makes her look bad :/
  4. Might as well replace the clutch if you are having trouble with reverse as well since you have to pull the transmission anyway.
  5. Thanks for the help, am goin to make sure to work on that and see what are the results, hopefully is nothing bad :/