96-98 cobra or 98 up ls1

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  1. ive drove them both and i hate to say it but i dont think i'm going to buy my 3rd mustang .
  2. I would go with the LS1 Personally. It is your choice. The LS1 is cheap to get big power out of.
  3. as i have stated in previous threads on the LS1 vs. Cobra debate, i hope youre sticking with bolt ons only cause if you want SC get ready for an extensive build escpecially if its a daily driver. i too test drove a 2000 Z28 before getting my cobra, and stock vs stock the LS1 pulls better on the low end no doubt about it. but consider the down sides to moding these cars vs. cobras. questionable bottom end strength, high compression, and a VERY weak rear end. the fbody's weaknesses are the cobra's strengths. its all up to how far you are planning on modding it.
  4. Ya and what the cobra lacks on the bottom end its makes up for up top when it scoots past 6grand...does the fbody do that? nope!
  5. The LS1 bottom end can hold ~900hp-1000hp which I have personlly seen. I have seen people running mid nines with a stock bottom end with a poweradder or two.
  6. thats badass dude. the ls1 is a potent motor. i know i've been beaten by enough to respect what it can do. don't listen to the losers who can't handle the fact that some cars make more power and can beat stangs.
  7. I would get the 96-98 Cobra if I could.

  8. in a recent article by GM high tech performance, rumors of a SC vette were confirmed. however, after testing the program was, at least temporarily, squashed because of "durability" issues. its the most recent issue, go read it yourself. they are a GM cheerleading mag, i dont think they would print it if it werent true. you be the judge...
  9. i dont think anyone is saying all fbodys suck and all stangs are good. both sides recognize the pros and cons to each car. i think its great that both companies have stayed away from copying each other, as was the case during the so called "muscle car era". sure many more choices, but were they all so different? compare the muscle car boom with the current SUV and truck craze, the differences b/w the plethora of makes and models is minimal at best. in most peoples view, the mustang b/c of its strong bottem end and 8.8 rears, and overall practicality in daily use vs. fbodys, it is the more versitle muscle car. no one certainly is saying there isnt alot of bad @ss fobys and vettes out there cause i've seen them. we just perfer mustangs
  10. A LS1 will make power up to 6,000rpm

    A DOHC 4.6 may be able to rev past 6,200rpm but it isn' making anymore power past 6,000.

    Both engines sweet spots end around 5,900rpm
  11. Codygt, what do you mean!!
    A DOHC 4.6 revs to 7,000rpm's and mine makes peak power at 6,200rpm's which is over 6,000. So no offense, but both your comments are wrong...just a lil bit.
    It def. helps the cobra when racing an ls1 that it can rev 1000 rpm's higher. Both are good cars, but totally different and the cobra is just better to me. Theres really nothing special about the ls1, I mean its a huge motor compared to ours and it barely makes more power...I think that speaks quite highly for ford.
  12. Bzzzt.

    I'm sorry that's incorrect, but thanks for playing and we have a nice parting gift for you.

    Check your sources.
  13. I always look at STOCK performance first then bolt on's, then who is driving. With that said my girlfriend has a y2k TransAm LS1 6speed car and I have a 01 cobra, both are completley stock except she put a k&n filter in hers and I took the air silencer out of mine. I also have 275 40 series tires on mine. She is a much better driver than I am and i still beat her at least 6 times out of 10. here is a web site everybodys already seen but it is a good referance.

    With all that said, I am a car nut I love all cars Ford GM and Mopar
    PS yeah I know I have a cool girlfriend :nice:
  14. what is your point though? ford couldn't reliably boost the motor in my car..does that mean my motor sucks? :shrug:
  15. no. don't post if you don't know what you are talking about.
  16. I found something quite interesting and quite wrong as far as stats go on the 99/01 cobra. It says the 99 hits 60 in 5.5 seconds and the 01 does it in 4.8!!!! and the 99 does the 1/4 in 14.1 vs the 01 in 13.5!!! That is a huge difference...I have lost all faith in that site! To get numbers that different, it would mean the 01 has nearly 100 more horespower haha (amazing considering they have the same engine)
  17. Oh it also has the 98 quite a bit quicker than the 99 ????

  18. ford couldve easily SCed your car reliably. a roots/screw blower isnt the most reliable method for our cars since the 03/04 has VERY strong pistons and rods compared to ours, but an intercooled Vortec or Procharger would work rather nicely, there are MANY 96-98 and 99/01 SVT's around with SC stock motors. are you suggesting SCing an 11:1 CR motor is JUST as easy as SCing a 9:1?
  19. also, that site has the 01 running a 13.5 and the 98 at 14? there is only 15hp difference and the 01 has IRS this doesnt make sense too me...