96-98 cobra or 98 up ls1

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  1. that site sux lol
  2. actually the 99 svt and 01 svt are for all intents and purposes the same car. My convertible ran 13.8 stock. That was after the early 2000 "fix"
  3. I also spanked a stock 2000 SS convertible 3 pulls in a row, but i dont think the driver was very good. Dunno if it was auto or stick tho.
  4. i don't think they could have. you slap a vortech or procharger or any centri blower on, and you have to really really really watch the tune. pull a bunch of timing and give it tons of gas too in order to get a reliable (relatively speaking). same exact thing as with a roots or twin screw blower. its just the compression, crappy internals, and aluminum block.
    10.1:1 compression = sux for boost
    8.5 : 1 compression = :banana: :banana: :banana:
  5. Whats the compression ration on a 99 cobra?

  6. i could be wrong, but i think our cars are closer to 9:1 rather than 10:1. you might be thinking of the machs as they are around 10:1 CR and have been SCed stock MANY times. they even did a comparisson in 5.0 Mustang of a stock Mach SC and an 03 cobra. you are correct in the fact that the tune is a little trickier with centri blowers, but that is easily overcomed with a knowledgeable installer or pro shop.
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    I talked about owning a srt-4 until my wife slapped me and said.....its still a neon!!
    Im back on track now :nice:
  8. CR=9.85:1 and engine is almost exactly the same performance as 99 with recall improvements.
  9. Stock bottom end, huh? Not to get into an argument, but that is pretty frigging rare. They are not great power adder cars (unless you are speaking of spraying it) with that CR. They do make a great N/A car, and responds to those mods very well
  10. God made the LS1 and you should get one....just watch out for that piston slap that some have
  11. the reasons i went cobra were 1 i haul around buddies alot (even though we all know there is not that much room but i don't notice :D )....they look sweeter IMO...and definetly look better in vert...my first car was my dads 5.0 and i grew up a ford guy :flag:...so basically it all made sense to me
  12. Dude if you're gonna get a camaro why not be a man and get a Yenko? :shrug:


    Type: V8
    Displacement: 7000 cc
    Horsepower: 425 bhp @ ---- rpm
    Torque: --- lb-ft @ ---- rpm
    Redline: ---- rpm
    0-60 mph: 3.8 sec
    0-100 mph: 8.9 sec
    Quarter Mile: 11.94 sec @ 115 mph
    Skidpad: .--g
    Top Speed: --- mph
    Braking, 60-0 mph: --- ft
    Slalom Speed: --.- mph

    In 1969, Don Yenko ordered several Camaro's from Chevrolet through COPO (Central Office Production Order). These COPO Camaros were fitted with Chevrolet's 427-cid L72 engine. In the hands of Yenko, these special Camaros were also fitted with front disk brakes, a special ducted hood, a heavy duty radiator, a special suspension, and a 4.10:1 rear axle. A small spoiler was also added in the rear.
  13. are you kidding me 900-1000 hp on stock bottom end are your really that dumb

    Can't belive no one else said ne thing
  14. 1 Question? Does anyone spitting out facts about ls1's own one, or is this all I heard this and I heard that?
  15. Dog, dont get an LS1! ! ! They are cheap and ugly cars. I have about 10 friends with them and those cars just breakdown all the time. Those pieces of **** cost about 9k and to me, thats a waste of money. You're better off buying a Cobra for about 7.5k and s'charging it for 3k and you'll be up there with the 03cobra. Dude do not get and LS1. They also have no handling and bad brakes. They are so uncomfortable for passengers with the tranny bump on the front pass. side. The back seat is smaller than a Cobra. Anyway not a lot of people have Cobras. I wanted a Slowmaro too but I went with my baby a 96 Cobra and I am happy I made that choice. Get that LS1 out of your head. If you get it I hope a 4.6 Cobra burns the **** out of you.
  16. Mine doesn't... :shrug:


    But anyways...back to the topic at hand...If you want an extremely easy to modify to make it go fast car that'll haul balls at the track get the LS1...If you want a car that'll burn oil and rattle and shake like it's ready to fall apart when you are driving down the road, get the LS1...If you want a car that looks like a freakin catfish get the LS1...

    Otherwise, get a Cobra...With some gears and a few bolt-ons you'll forget you ever test drove an LS1...The interior build quality to me on the Chevys is enough to keep me from ever buying one...

    I think you are asking the wrong place to get a definitive answer on which to buy...
  17. If you're set on getting an LS1, get a used vette or GTO. The camaro/trans am are the poorest cars that engine ever got put into.
  18. Stock LS1's are faster then your Cobra. LS1's are a big huge menance on the roads and for now they are king. Wait for the next Cobra :)
  19. They don't even make the LS1 in a sports car anymore so really, how are they king? They needed to throw the LS2 in the GTO to make it sort of fast because it's such a pig of a car...

    When's the last time you saw a stock long block Camaro or Firebird running 11.30s N/A? I know of at least one stock long block 98 Cobra running 11.30s N/A...
  20. The LS1 hasn't been "king" for a few years now but for the record, there are quite a few bolt-on f-bodies running low, low 11's and at least one in the tens, according to the top-50 listing on ls1tech.com.