96-98 cobra or 98 up ls1

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  1. questionable bottom end strength.

    since when is a 6 bolt main questionable?

    stock bottom end is good for 550-600. the rods are the problem you might see 500-550 if youre lucky.
  2. Ive owned 2
    2000 Z28
    2002 SS
  3. are you joking....

    these cars (LS1's) make awesome power with a blower or turbo kit with min. boost.

    google the STS turbo kit.
  4. For a daily driver, I would go LS1. If you're looking for a project car, go with a Cobra.
  5. and your the only one who sounds like you know anything about them :D
  6. lol..thanks,

    what are you driving?
  7. an 01 SS, I think Ive seen you post on other boards, am I right?
  8. yeah im on ls1.com and ls1tech.com.

    just sold my SS like 2 months ago.

  9. a stock short block LS1 might hold 900 hp for a few minutes, but with those powdered metal rods and hypercrap pistons, I guarantee they won't hold for long..

    is the block strong, yes since it's a 6 bolt main(same as 96-01 Cobra) with deep skirt.. but it has a cast nodular iron crank (seems to be reasonably strong though) but those rods and pistons just don't cut the mustard..
  10. This is the worst car forum ever. Somebody post a pic of a Yenko with a hawt babe on the hood and nobody even raises an eyebrow?!

    WTF is the matter with this place...
  11. Get what you like. I am a Mustang fan, so I'd never buy an LS1. I think the 96-98 Cobra is one of the best looking muscle cars ever made. However the 03/04 look really tough too. Other than the TransAm and the Camaro SS, I think Firebirds and Z28's are really plain looking.
  12. The LS1 has insane straight line accelaration right out of the box and the Cobra is awesome for sound and project car.
    Both a stock LS1 and Supercharged Cobra are bad ass.
  13. I just got my cobra almost 3 weeks ago and it actually kinda crept up on me. I was looking for a 30th white/blue TA and my friend told me about this cobra that was for sale and here I am. Anyway back to the point, I have a friend that has a 2001 TA 6 spd that put down 415 hp NA and he has a 150 shot on it. He needs some serious suspension work to put that power to the ground since he can't even hook up at the top of 3rd with Nitto DRs and he's afraid that the rear end is gonna go pretty soon ESP. if he ever does catch traction. But, with a good rear and some susp work, that car should be really bad. He can outrun my car without spraying, but I have a few things up my sleeve for the future :D