96-98 Cobra questions... Please chime in.

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  1. Well, I have always had fox bodies, but I am wanting to switch it up... And I really want a 96-98 cobra, or a 99-04 GT. I know you will say just buy a 03-04 cobra, but that is out of my price range. I am wanting one that is daily drive able and able to take to the track occasionally. Here are a few questions

    How many miles do the 4.6 DOHC's USUALLY last for?

    How strong is the bottom end?

    How wide of tire can you fit in the rear with the correct wheel?

    What Transmissions did these come with?

    How much RWHP does a stock cobra have?

    What are the best bolt ons beides gears?

    I love my fox to death, and will still have it, but I'm in the market for a new stang, and it's a mixup between a 96-98 cobra, or 99-04 GT.

    Please chime in.
  2. I have seen many cobra's with over 200k on the stock engine, no problems.

    Bottom end is a grenade after 420ish. (gt and cobra) The only thing different about the cobra's is they have a forged crank.

    You can fit a 315-40-18 if you do minor massaging.

    96-01.5 use the t45, late 01 through 2010 use the 3650 tremec. Both are good for a lot of power if they are in good shape. 2001.5 and up also use an 11" clutch, unlike the 10.5" in the older cars.

    a stock cobra might do 250-260 bone stock, torque is about the same.

    Gears are your best friend in a 96-04 cobra/gt. Start at 4.10's, I personally like 4.56's in a n/a 4v car. Full exhaust and tune with a some other small bolt ons, will do around 300-320rwhp on a bolt on cobra.