96-98 GT 1/4 Mile Times

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  1. What is the fastest time a stock 96-98 GT can run in the 1/4 mile? What kinda times should I expect to run with my mods?
  2. I went 14.4 with mine bone stock trim.
  3. [email protected]
    98' GT, Stock except Mac c/a , factory 3.27 gears. 5spd
    May have been able to lower times a wee bit, with better tires.[still has stock B/Fs]
  4. People on the other forum I go on were saying these cars were lucky if they could get into the low 15's stock. I was like ummm I dont think thats right, both of you have hit 14's in your car stock?
  5. if they can only hit 15's stock they cant drive for ****!!!!!!!
  6. Dont ever go to Mustangforums.com those people are such dumb****s. They think the 96-98 GT's run high to mid 15's with a good driver in there.
  7. High elevation and/or bad driving, can make a BIG difference to 1/4 mile times.
    I have had an 89 LX 5.0, and a 91' LX 5.0
    They would run very similar times to the 4.6's . 14.91 and 14.83
    The pre pi. 4.6's are no firebreathers, but they're not real slow either.
  8. my 9.08 is in the 1/8th mile, which equals to 14.1 in the 1/4.

    That was before my gears were put in. still w/stock heads
  9. 14.4 Stock with street tires? Sounds questionable. Not callin BS but that's a really good time for a stock GT on street tires
  10. How would a stock 96 auto GT Convert run, I do have flowmasters and an airfilter but that doesnt make much of a big deal.
  11. :stupid:
    I was thinkin' the same thing. But hell, if he is that good of a driver then more power to him.
  12. Yeah, I gotta tell ya...I think those #'s are a tad ambitious. I was with DiabloRojoStang when he ran his GT and I doubt seriously that a stocker will out run that car...especially on street tires. Every track is different though, so who knows. :shrug:
  13. 98 gt..stock heads, cams, intake, etc. w/ cold air (and auto) i ran a best of 14.4 @99 mph. doto street suck tires i had to baby it off the line and launched at 1,200..if u have an auto keep it in drive..no sense in overD cause u wont even hit that 4th...hope this helps

    o and this was with cai and off road h:)

    outran--94 cobra, 99 gt, 98 gt 5 speed, and a POS iroc..that night w/ the 14.4:)
  14. I ran a best of 14.4 @96.14 w/ a best 60' of 2.0 on street tires w/ gears and exhaust.

    Haven't ran it since the heads and cams :(
  15. 14.8 stock with auto 98

    went 14.5 with cai, xpipe, and s.d. coils and livewires.
    14.2 with flows, control arms, pullys and t/a.
  16. I foresee low 15-second timeslips in your future. :D
  17. Hmmmmm [​IMG]
  18. yes I went 14.451 to be exact. my car was a factory freak because with the stuff listed in my sig I went 13.7. all these times are on street tires. the tires was the factory good year tires. If I can find my old time slip I will try to post it up but this time was done 2 years ago so.
  19. 14.9's in my stock 96 GT vert w/ a stick