96-98 vs. 99-04?

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  1. i'm tellin you guys... leave the t-bird guys alone. they're a harsh bunch. they bring facts to the table. it can be painful to argue with them.

    when you learn this thing grasshopper, it's time for you to go.

    i changed to pi for the free increase in compression, and the cams came with the heads. they also fit the pi intake better than the ones i had.
  2. Being in the parts business, I have this thing about not buying used parts unless I know the person.
    And being paraniod like that I would end up getting the heads clean,fluxed, and milled so it would be cheaper (for me) to un-ass the 385.00ea for new PI heads/cams.So that puts me back to square one.
    But thats just me :D
  3. Man I wish I would have realized this 2 weeks ago. I just finished my PI head swap and put VT Stage 1s on. I spent a decent amount of time on the forum before I did this and saw that the PI head swap was a popular mod. If I would have realized that the intake and cams were the big gainers I would have just got them and not had to deal with the heads and not have had the left over parts (PI cams that came with the heads).
  4. So your saying the only hp gain is from the compression change alone? Nope. Have you seen the heads side by side, that alone will let you know that your going to gain some higher hp atleast just from the intake/exhaust ports on the PI's.

    Show me a dyno with just PI cam/PI intake that gained 30-35rwhp. I doubt your going to find it.

    Let's see some stangs, t-birds have slight differences, exhaust, etc...

    I think some are jealous of the guys that actually afforded the heads and all...

    It all adds up, just remember that.
  5. So would swapping stock PI cams and PI intake do anything to how the car drives...? Need a tune?
  6. Haha i saw them messing with you on Tccoa....was amusing :D
  7. Go to http://www.linktrek.com/messageboard/ and ask Zanzer to post his dyno from his PI Intake/Cams...he gained 32 rwhp...
    I have seen the heads side by side when i swapped mine off.
    Who's jealous? I have VT st2 prepped PI's myself but would have went with some Renegade prepped NPI's if he wasn't so busy.
    The argument is not that the NPI's are better then the PI's...its that they aren't nearly as bad as they are made out to be. With everything being made equal ie: same size valves/springs etc they flow about the same. For guys on a budget the heads are not needed.
  8. no tune needed.
  9. I have also a gt 96,and i would like to install PI cam,but how can i see the difference between PI cam and NPI cam? do they have something i can see,number? etc...:shrug:
  10. I'll differ with that opinion. Granted I have Comp 262's but anytime you make a dramatic change to the engine I'd go for a tune also. My tune gained 5 tenths in the 1/4 after the PI intake and cam swap.
  11. 1996 4.6 SOHC 215HP Mustang Engine

    Throttle body: 65mm (2.559 inches)
    Intake manifold: composite, cast No. F6ZE-CG
    Cylinder heads: cast No. RF-F5AE-AE
    Combustion chambers: 49.77cc
    Valves: 1.752/1.339 inches
    Rockers: roller type, w/1.80:1 ratio
    Camshaft lift: .473/.473-inch lift
    Compression ratio: 9.30:1
    Pistons: hypereutectic w/.153-inch dish

    1999 4.6 SOHC 260HP Mustang Engine

    Throttle body: 66.8mm (2.630 inches)
    Intake manifold: composite, cast No. XR3E-DC
    Cylinder heads: cast No. RFXL3-CZOD
    Combustion chambers: 42.40cc
    Valves: 1.752/1.417 inches
    Rockers: roller type, w/1.80:1 ratio
    Camshaft lift: .505/.534-inch lift Duration (I/E) @ .050" 186/194
    Compression ratio: 9.30:1
    Pistons: hypereutectic w/.188-inch dish
  12. You didn't swap PI cams so you definately needed the tune. A tune is the best way to go when doing the PI intake/PI cams but it is not a must do. I didn't get tuned after my full PI swap and it ran great...just took a few days of light driving to let the computer sort itself out.
  13. Hahaha.....that tccoa thread got ugly, didn't it. :D I was going to say hi and welcome you to the board when you joined, but after reading the responses to that thread, I thought the guys over there might ban me or burn me at the stake for even admitting knowing you. ;)

    Yeah....some of those MN12 guys can get a little testy.....thankfully, I'm not one of them. :D
  14. I just read that thread from tccoa too.
    They treated like you were talking about installing a VTEC motor in or somthing...:nonono:

    They do have some great NPI info on tccoa.
  15. I got my PI heads fully assembled with cams with only 30k miles on them for $350, the intake brand new for $200, then I bought 262ah's for $500. So, only $550 for the PI parts and I saved enough for better cams. Plus, I wanted the bump in compression anyway, because I'm planning on nitrous later on.
  16. Can you guys send me a link to this web site?
  17. Won't let me EDIT the above post. I strongly suggest you search feature over there before you post questions. If you go to start trouble, you won't last long. They are quite quick to use the ban features.
  18. Alright thanks
  19. Thats what i do...i just read up on alot of things but don't post since i don't have a bird or cougar. Its a great place to go if you have an auto trans!