96 Cobra - No power when hot

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by rmcobra, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. I have a 96 supercharged manual shift cobra with 4.10 gears and during the Florida summers I'm having problems with loss of hp and running hot (both mods insatlled after I noticed problem) . I've had the Ford cooling upgrade kit installed with little or no effect (does not spit rad fluid after shutting it off in the garage anymore).The problem is noticable when the "NORMAL" temp guage reads anywhere from the straight up to past the L. The hotter it reads the worse the power loss is. It is also harder to get smooth shifts and whole garage smells of gas fumes when I park it after work. When passing I press the throttle and the car sounds bogged with little power even when stomped on it takes several seconds for it to wind up. In the morings the same throttle maneuver would have spon the tires with little effort. During my 15 mile traffic ridden drive home the AC works just fine, blowing cold. I've taken the car in several times to several different shops now for this same problem and its still doing it. According to the places its been it's running within normal specs - the radiator has been tested, water pump, thermostatand all fuids are perfect and the fan modes are kicking on and staying on as required. If anyone has had this problem or knows what the fix is, I would really appreciate the help, thanks.
  2. My only suggestions is look into getting a new radiator like a fluidyne, go to a 180 deg thermostat, and run some water wetter. My 96 runs in the "M" range with the AC on during a hot florida summer day, without the AC on it runs in the "O" range. My cooling system is all stock but I had superchips hard program my cooling fan to come on about 20deg earlier than stock programming.
    A supercharger produces a lot of added heat. I had to totally redo my cooling system in my 88 when I put my S-trim on it.
  3. Get an aftercooler for the supercharger. That will significantly cool the air charge and yeild amazing power gains.

    I'm in Lake Mary BTW. I go to Lamotta Performance for all my needs. They are located in longwood off 17-92. Best mustang shop in town.
  4. Do as 5.0's 4 ever says, get an aftermarket radiator in there. If you don't want to spend the bucks for a chip burn with different fan settings then put a Hayden fan controller (about $60) in parallel with the high speed circuit of the fan.
    Change the thermostat to a 180 as stated before, run water wetter, and set the fan controller to come on at 180 - 185. The stock programming is at 210 - 215. Done properly and with good connections, the fan controller will not harm the fan motor. It doesn't care where the 12 volts comes from. I have run mine for 3+ years without any problems.
  5. A F T E R C O O L E R.

    They did a '97 Cobra on Horsepower TV (spike channel) a litle while ago. Dyno'ed a measly 245rwhp STOCK. Then they added a Vortech Supercharger @10psi (aftercooled) and with NO other upgrades (stock exhaust, etc) it dyno'ed 423rwhp.

    I bet you could gain at LEAST 40rwhp simply by adding the aftercooler when running around 8-10psi. The effects are going to be even greater during the winter time.