96 cobra rear end?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by svtdrop, May 1, 2010.

  1. i just purchased a 1996 cobra coupe! i noticed that the left side rear tire sticks out more than the right side, also my tire rubs on the left side? is this a common issue with these cars because i've seen a few with the same issue! does anyone know the fix? my tire size is 255/40/18

  2. I think your car has been wrecked> my 96 convert had rhe same problem > I had to change the upper and lower arms > after i pulled the rear with a comealong> then it drove strait and clean
  3. i bought a fox a few years back with something similar going on. cracked upper arm at the bushing. new arms and it was good
  4. it has been wrecked, but only a broken axle from what the previous owner had told me! his son got a dui,crashed and broke the axle, i looked an looks like new control arms, just lower, i havn't got the car on a lift yet! i will within this week.. hopefully its something simple.. the car does drive straight!
  5. uppers are bent and maybe the mounting points you probley need to have the rear pulled to the short side of the car >
    If it hit hard enuff to snap a axle then the rear is def pushed to one side > It's nothing to panic about but it's just need to be put on a frame machine and pulled > I have had to have this done this to cars before > you'll need to find someone who deals with bent frames and some one you can trust and pull the rear > If you pull the uppers off with the car on a lift you see it jump to the short side .