Exhaust 96 Cobra Which Cat back fo you like???

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  1. Just pulled old rusty hooker l/t and H pipe and put in new ceramic bbk long tubes and BBK h pipe no cats. The old flowmasters are trashed and need to replace them also.

    So whats the opinon for those using a similar setup? Im looking for deep tone with no drone or crazy raspyness.

  2. Well if you like chambered set-up .. id look into MAC exhaust / Spintech.. But honestly with that setup ... I'd go 14x4 Magnapacks.. You'll love it.. Loud throaty and deep.... and just awesome.. you wont look back ;)
  3. Magnaflow makes some great setups. If you got the cash, Bassani's sound fantastic. Nice blend of low smooth rumble and top end scream. I just put on Borla Stingers but haven't really been able to drive the car due to the weather.

    I took off welded in Flowmasters and regardless of the outcome, I know these will be better than the Flowmasters. I'm so freaking tired of those things.
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  4. I have had good luck with MAC