96 Explorer 5.0L 347 Stroker build


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Jun 19, 1999
Fremont, Ohio
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Ok, so first off please don't flame. Been researching for days and my head is swimming.

I'm building up a 5.0L from a 96 Explorer. Completely tore down and getting refreshed at the machine shop to a 347 stroker. This motor is intended to go into my 67 Mustang that has a 289/C4 combo in it now which I'll pull once the new engine and transmission is ready.

What I'm looking for is a junkyard pull on a T5 that will bolt up to the 5.0L. My research indicates I can go up to a 95 Mustang GT T5 or a 99-04 V6 T5. The confusing part is clutch/ flywheel (teeth), input shaft etc....

Should I just try to find a 94-95 T5 and order clutch/flywheel/starter combo? Reason I ask is the balancing of the 347 rotating assembly is being held up because the machine shop wants the flywheel and harmonic balancer to complete the balance work. The 347 stroker kit is a 28oz unbalanced setup. This isn't going to be a racer but a weekend driver to shows or for fun.

So all that being said I'm just looking for what would be the easiest to look for. I know I'm going to have to fab some things up to get the tranny into the 67 which I can do. Just trying to buy the right tranny to go with the motor.

Thanks all...I appreciate any help.
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