96 Gt Won't Turn Over.

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  1. I tried a search but I'm doing this on an old iPhone on a slow connection. So I don't have enough patience. So hopefully this problem hasn't been solved a thousand times on here.

    So it's a 96 GT 5-spd. I just drove it 1100 miles to Sheppard AFB for a TDY and the car made it fine. Today I drove it to the gas station on base. Filled up. Then when I went to start it again, it turned over twice then just stopped. Still had power to all accessories. Kept trying and still...nothing. The gas pump is working fine.

    Pushed the car to a parking space and checked the battery. Positive terminal was corroded and negative was loose. Tightened negative. Didn't have a brush so I just disconnected the positive and cleaned it best I could with my fingers. Hooked it back up. Still nothing. Wouldn't turn over. Sat and cussed for about 5 minutes and tried again and suddenly it started as normal.

    So I drove back to my billeting building. And parked. Started the car repeatedly about 5 times with no issues. Just a while ago I went out to check again and...no go. Turned over twice and stopped again like the first time it happened. Tried repeatedly. Won't turn over. Waited a half hour. Still nothing. It won't turn over at all.

    Even though the accessories get power I think it's the battery. It's 5 years old and has been kept outside through two cold Utah winters. But I'm worried it might be the starter. Thoughts?
  2. Sounds like the battery to me. But with starting and charging issues, you can never be too sure. Before you replace anything, I'd say go to Sears or Auto Zone and have them do a check of your starting and charging system. It only takes a few minutes and I think they don't charge anything to do it. That way you'll know exactly what the problem is before you start throwing money at it.
  3. Well I just walked to autozone for the new battery. So far so good. Seems to have fixed it. I'll start her up periodically to make sure. Holy balls batteries got expensive. My last one five years ago was 90 for a motorcraft. The one before that was 65. This one was 110!
  4. Yea they are getting more and more expensive. Sign up for the Auto Zone Rewards card tho. Its worth it trust me. And BTW, if they're cool, some of the Auto Zone stores will price match a competitor's equivalent product.
  5. So this problem got weird. It died again yesterday and today. But I figured out that pressing in the gas pedal while turning the key...it turns over and starts right up. Is there a connection between throttle position and the ability for the engine to turn over? This is strange.
  6. Bump.

    Ok scratch that last post. Total coincidence. But now the car has completely stopped turning over 100% of the time. I just spent 2 hours pulling the starter out. Took it to autozone for a bench test. Starter and solenoid both tested good. So the battery is new and the starter and solenoid are both good. I'm thinking about pulling the positive battery cable out next to check it unless anyone has a better idea of what to attack next. Thoughts? Because the next time I murder myself in this Texas heat pulling out a part for nothing, I'm pretty much gonna destroy the universe. I'm off to put this starter back on. So someone help me out....if you value the universe.
  7. My car wouldn't start and I removed my starter, tested and it tested fine. Reinstalled it but the problem still there. Took the starter out and replaced it and it's been fine ever since.
  8. Agreed, replace the starter. It could have a bad winding, so if it stops in just the right position, it has no torque to start turning the next time you try to start.
  9. Crank sensor? Had a similar problem, jacked the car up, removed the sensor, reinstalled and it started up right away..BTW, use TRT30 at Advance Order Online and pickup for 30% off most parts.
  10. Before you throw parts at your problem may I suggest you check the connections for the power and ground wires to your starter? Your car isn't dying while running, right?

    This makes me think that even if your battery is bad that your alternator provides enough juice to keep the car running normally when it's on. Your issue is just starting her up.

    If your grounds and connections look good then definitely replace the starter. Mine was intermittently failing to crank the car before it died all together at around 120,000 miles.
  11. Ended up being the terminal lug that bolts to the solenoid. $2.50 part....after hours of cursing sweating. I know how to change the starter now....so I guess there's that.