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  1. So this is my first post on here and I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but I just recently acquired a 96 Mustang GT Convertible that has 95K miles on it. However, the speedometer does not work and the heater coil is broken. My main issue is the speedometer. How can I go about fixing this?
  2. tommy,
    I have a 98 automatic a

    nd thinking that it doesn't matter if it's an auto or manual. There should be a sensor (VSS) on the left side of the transmission. Jack the car up and remove the sensor (one bolt), check the gear on it to see if it stripped. This may be your problem. Might check the wire harness for damage since you're already under the car. Don't forget to set the car on jack stands or wooden blocks for safety.
    How's everything else on the dash look. Tach, other gauges. Was a black box installed to compensate for a change in gears?
  3. Actually, I mis-spoke when I said it was the speedometer. I actually meant to say Odometer. But the Odometer and heater core is the only two things wrong with the car. Replaced AC a while back, and it runs like a charm
  4. It's possible your odo is stripped from trying to rolled back. There is a gear in there that is plastic and it breaks very easily when trying to be rolled back, you can replace this gear. Some manufactures sale the gear, I think I've seen it on eBay. Or go to the junk yard and pull an instrument cluster and take the gear or the whole odo part. You being a 98 gt can only use a 98 gt instrument cluster, so only take the gear or the whole odo part, you can't use any other full instrument cluster.
  5. Inside the instrument cluster, there is a worm gear assembly that tends to strip out. It certainly can strip out without the assistance of someone trying to roll the odometer back. The plastic is poor quality and literally disintegrates with age.

    I think I bought a replacement gear set from LMR. The job isn't bad... just pull out the cluster, then remove the odometer so you can access the gears. It's interesting because the odometer is mechanical, but driven by an electric motor. Go figure!
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  6. Okay so I just replaced the heater core in the mustang, and now I have to buy a new water pump for it as well. Anyone know how much it is to buy and have a shop install a water pump?
  7. The job is very simple if you have some basic mechanical ability. Basically, loosen the bolts on the water pump pulley, then remove the belt, then remove the pulley, then remove the water pump. Install a new seal on the pump and reverse the procedure. 1-2hr for an inexperienced mechanic. Figure less than that in labor. Parts available on rock auto for 20-25+shipping.
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  8. Thank you so much! This is much appreciated
  9. Yea the water pump on the 4.6l is about as easy as it gets to change. I used the LMR gear set for the odo in my old 96' and it did the job well. I think anyone with a 95 to 98 mustang has had to replace those little gears.