96 Mustang Gt Ticking Noise

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  1. my dads had it since it was new but a guy stole it about two years ago and ran the dog:poo: out of it and pretty sure he never checked or changed oil since he had it(three months, he was supposed to be painting it) its not too loud but there is something wrong. this is how it sounds

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpdAP6Pcmgg
  2. That's pretty minor...I assume you ruled out exhaust leak too? put some miles on it..may quiet down more
  3. can't tell much from the video, but ticks in mustangs, i've had a few .. mostly with v6 passenger side exhaust gaskets... but a split in the o-ring of your fuel injectors can cause the same sound... pull your fuel rail and check all your o-rings..... but from the video, that sounded more like a metal sound of some sort, not like a tick... i doubt whether seafoam will help, but it won't hurt either,... maybe try a different weight oil in it and see if that quiets things down... like something thicker ... how many miles are on that engine??? ....
  4. about 50,000 but theres no tellin how many miles, how old oil was and how hard the guy who stole it drove it
  5. yep no exhaust leaks
  6. Your car sounds great compared to mine :p. I would just try good oil and some additives. If it's sludge or build up then it will fix itself.
  7. Run it through the crankcase then change the oil after about 500 miles. Try a heavy oil and see what that does.

    Sounds like it s more than a stuck lifter I'm afraid.
  8. seafoam will help unclog things in the lower part of your engine... use 8 oz up the brake booster line...car will then go dead... let sit for 10 min and soak....then recrank and rev gently from 1500-2500 rpms for a few min...then pour 4-6 oz into the crank case with the oil.... then go for a spirited ride... most of the smoke should be cleared... this supposedly breaks up all the carbon on top of the pistons (seafoam up the throttle body)... and cleans out some of the sludge in the crankcase (seafoam added to oil)...then come back and change the oil and filter....seafoam in the oil really thins things out....i agree with changing to a heavier or high mileage oil.... also... make sure you are running stock motocraft plugs.... it does help... good luck.....
  9. we changed the plugs I thing we went with ngk cause ive always had good luck with them would that have anything to do with it?
  10. i have always used NGK in my miatas and hondas.. but i recently had a mustang v6 that just would not run quite like i wanted and i pulled the NGKs out and put in stock motorcraft platinum plugs and behold.... it ran like a top.... don't know why.. it just did in that particular car... i've got another 98 v6 mustang i'm fixing for my son right now and it's running fine on the NGKs i took out of the other car... go figure........ until that car, i heard people swear by motorcraft... didn't think much of it until it happened to me..... use whatever runs the best for you...
  11. I run ngk in cobra
  12. This ever get resolved?

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