Progress Thread 96 Mystic Cobra Build Thread

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  1. Figured for all of the work that I want to do on the car why not start a build thread from the beginning instead of a bunch of other posts, plus I can keep it aligned with where I've started with her.

    These are the first few pics from when I picked her up:


    Here are some pictures from a small photoshoot around the town I'm in right now:


    And my favorite picture of the car in close to stock form. This picture will be changing shortly however because I just picked up new to me wheels/tires that are going to completley change the car. Stay tuned for those pics probably after this weekend.


    So far I have had the car 2+ weeks and I'm already 1K into it on top of purchase price. Got some big plans so stay tuned and I will continue to update the thread.
  2. effing love it dude
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  3. :fap: That is spank bank material....
  4. Thanks man. Where's the thread of your new snake?

    :cheers: Thanks!
  5. Car looked great in person as well. Well taken care of and cant wait to see the ride with the new wheels!
  6. Im interested in hearing how the two cars compare. Truthfully, how does the Mystic compare to the GT (performance/comfort/ergo-wise)?
  7. It will be here eventually, I literally have been working every single day and just havent had much time lately. I'm in the process of getting a new job that will hopefully free up some time. I haven't even bought any parts for the damn thing yet, besides some oil and a filter. Just got finished paying $1100 in taxes so it's gonna be a few weeks until anything is purchased.
  8. Well my GT had some bolt on's before I got it so I can't give a stock to stock or basically the same comparison. What I have felt so far is that the 4v motor seems to have quite alot of power and it wants to go but between the stock gear ratio and still needing a offroad mid pipe and headers it's leaving alot on the table. Comfort wise I believe other than the leather (and maybe not even that) but mostly the foam in the seats that they are the same as the 96-98 GT. Once again a little tough to compare since this car is not my DD and I don't have to sit in traffic or anything but the Cobra seats feel more comfortable and seem to have a bit more padding between the frames of the seat vs the old GT.
    This car feels less refined than the GT which I am liking. I couldn't go so far as to get a Fox but this car is great for what I am looking for now.

    The suspension currently has a bug I need to fix just haven't had the chance yet. It seems to be just the rear shocks that need to be replaced so that is making the ride a bit rough but not deterring me from driving it when I feel like it. The stock springs seems to be cut and it is affecting the ride quality as well. Eventually I will pull the rear and see what needs to be addressed, afterall the car is 16 yrs old and it will need some upkeep (and most of that upkeep will be upgrades)

    Hopefully Nightfire I answered what you were looking for. Would I DD a 96-98 Cobra over my GT? Probably not. But at the same time my current drive blows with at least an hours drive to Austin on 35.
  9. Nice car, love the mystics!
  10. Thanks!

    Update with the new wheels/tires on the car :banana:

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  11. Btw thanks to TeufelGt for the wheels/tires and the shifter from his dead pony.
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  12. Beautiful Cobra, looks really sharp for how old it is. Not hating on the new rims, but I think the car looked great with the OEM rims. Good luck with the build man!
  13. Thanks man, I see where you are coming from with the stock wheels as they looked good but I just couldn't rock them anymore. The tall sidewalls and not filling up the wheel well's were getting to me in the 2 short weeks of having the car.
  14. :nice: always loved chrome saleens on mystic!
  15. looks even better with the new wheels
  16. Nice cobra I don't get to see them in that color very often. I to love the stock rims but the new ones look good as well.

  17. :nice:

    They were just too small. can't have 245 17's on a Cobra! Plus the chrome pops and makes the color that much more gorgeous IMO.
  18. Looks good Austin.