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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    Thank to you as well.

    So next up on the list is either getting the Termi mystichrome seat covers for the front and other odds and ends in the interior to make it look close to the 03-04's but with the clock dash remaining in place. The other option would be to get a start on purchasing front suspension parts and headers for the swap coming up this winter. What route would ya'll go?
  2. I would invest in performance parts prior to visual mods. Shoot.... my car still looks sleeperish, all i have done visually is a grill delete and wheel / tire combo. And my wheel / tire combo is anthracite bullitt's they look exactly the same as stock wheel's just wider.
  3. Just let us know when you want those seats made up - tell ya this much. You'd be the first 94-98 set we've ever made in NOS Mystichrome! You'd be 1 of 1 rolling around that's for sure.
  4. Thanks Waylon its something I am definately considering. I'm still trying to figure out the route of the power I want to add to the car so that may play into getting the seats before while I can make up my mind. Would they be the same covers but only to fit the 96-98 Cobra frames?
  5. It would probably be new foam as well. Go to 5.0 talk and check out madmike's thread...
  6. Thanks I saw in the squeaky wheel about the thread and checked it out. I guess one of my concerns are is the seats going to look like mine now with just the insert area being mystichrome inserts or will they look like the 03-04 covers just with my foam. Take a look at the 2 pics below as the top is the 96 interior and then obviously the 04 mystichrom seats. See how there are less lumbar support areas to be the inserts? Just wondering which one it would look like.

  7. Sadly TMI doesn't make the Cobra/Mach 1/Bullitt foam for the 96-98 cars as their frames won't support them. Best you can do is rebuild the stockers, or find a set of 99-04 frames and buy the Cobra foam and covers.

    Also, the 96 Mystic color is very different than the Terminator Mystichrome color so the mystichrome seats likely would look out of place.
  8. welp, nevermind.
  9. I knew the color wouldn't match specifically but talking to TMIproducts I thought I would've able to do this. Hmm
  10. Beautiful car! Great rim choice too, i love em clean like that :)
  11. Hey - N8 is correct, the 03-04 foams will not correctly fit your 94-98 frames. What were were discussing (and maybe it got mixed up) was simply taking the NOS Mystichrome material and using it for the insert on the stock GT 94-98 Seats - now THAT I can do. But it would be over our reproduction stock GT foams - unless (dun dun dunnnn) you can find ANY 99-04 seat frames from a salvage yard. Either the V6 or the GT frames will work to transform into a true Cobra seat.

    Let me know - and if your at Mustang Week - track me down!
  12. TMIproducts I found a local pair of 99 basic cloth seats for $50... Waylon, will the Mach 1 foams and covers work? What about my rear seats, will the Mach 1 covers fit my 98 coupe rear foam?

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  13. Yes the Mach 1 /Bullitt or Cobra foams will fit any 99-04 frame.
    The rear seats are not the same width and the covers will not fit your stock rear seat - however we can put a mach 1 insert into your current rear seat.
    However - my suggestion - is to pick up the 99-04 rear seat as well as the buckets. The 94-98 upholstery is GLUED to the foam and you will litterly have to SKIN the upholstery off the back seat, then go through our custom and intricate installation process -whereas on the 99-04's you pretty much slide them off and slide the new ones on, add hog rings and call it a day. The labor lever (and frustration level) comes WAY down.

    but now i need someone on here to confirm for me that the 99-04 seats will fit in the 94-98's - seems i've come across quite a few that have done the full swap - but we've never done the install here, so you might want to 100% that claim before buying the rear seat.

    Hope that helped more than it confused.
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  14. First of the usual things when you pick up a new to you car:

    Changed the oil and filter
    Drained the Trans and put in Amsoil ATF along with a CobraBob gasket and a Steeda Tri-Ax while I was at it. Couldn't stand the stock shifter and even though I would rather have a MGW, the Tri-Ax will have to do for now.

    Next stuff in this is a coolant flush, power steering flush, new plugs along with plug wires. After all of that I feel like I will be able to enjoy the car to its fullest potential as up to this point I have been taking it easy on the car since I have no clue when the last time any of these things have been done.

    Next actual mod may be some subframe connectors, those are another one of those mods that spoil you and you don't realize how nice they are till you don't have them.
  15. Haven't had a ton of progress on the car till now. Just trying to keep up with the small usual upkeep when getting a new to you car.

    I will have some major changes coming in the next month or so. Here is just a teaser pic of some of the parts going into the car:

  16. That car with IRS and a real nice cat back will look killer. I love the look of the pipes all shined up.
  17. Already got the catback covered I just gotta put in the time to polish it :nice:
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  18. Told myself when I started this project I wouldn't have-ass any of the pieces I wanted to add.. When I finally get the IRS in the car it's going to be a Picasso that's for sure! Don't want to ruin all the fun but give me a few weeks and I will have pictures on here. IRS is sitting at a shop currently to get the bushings installed along with other stuff too. Stay tuned!
  19. Very nice. I'm on the same boat and actually have what you pictured above sitting in a box right now. Its hard to have the IRS just sitting around and forcing myself to hold off on putting it in until I have exactly what I need to make it bullet proof. So much $$$$$$$$
  20. Found a hidden problem with the car today. Not installing the IRS just yet as it is still getting goodies thrown at it before install, but this little problem is going to be something I will get to address at that point:

    Passenger side shock tower:

    Driver side shock tower:


    Why, why, why...

    Any ideas how to fix this?