Progress Thread 96 Mystic Cobra Build Thread

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  1. that looks like a lot of fun!
  2. Took the car down to Mustangfest this past weekend and won best in my class. I must say I detailed the crap out of the car the few days before and it looked stellar :D Here is a picture a buddy of mine took with his cell phone:

  3. looks damn good in that picture :nice:
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  4. Cut off wheel and be very patient. Done many a northern car that were in worse shape than that. Let me know how it worked out for you.
  5. What causes that kind of damage? I've never seen anything like that before?
  6. My guess is previous owner(s) or whoever worked on the car obviously not knowing what they were doing. It looks as if someone took heat from welding/cutting it off and melted the shock mount in the process.
  7. Some cars/shocks allow you to cut the shaft also allowing you to just pull it up and out.
  8. That's a beautiful snake you've got there
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  9. Thanks!
  10. I have said it before and I will say it again, that car is beautiful!
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  11. :) I should be getting the IRS setup moved from 1 shop to the other to finally get the bushings installed and assembled for me to finally get it back and get it installed in the car over the winter
  12. Finally feeling like I am getting somewhere with my car. Now to start on the tear down and install :D


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  13. That rear end is sweet! Nice score!
  14. Thanks! I ended up getting it powdercoated and I had FTBR bushings installed in it as well. I'm just ready to get it in the car at this point. It has taken me a while to get to where I am with it. Hopefully I can start the install this weekend.
  15. how about you just give me that irs, and ill give you mine. straight swap :nice:
  16. Did you do just the bushing kit? Looks like you're sticking with the stock toe links and end links. Also stock sway bar or upgraded?
  17. I'll swap ya complete drivetrains :D

    I'm a little deeper into this project than I had planned but it will all be worth it in the end. I'm 95% of the way done with polishing the Magnaflow setup I picked up as well so it will all come together shortly. I need to sell my Bassani SRA setup to recoup funds!

    As of right now they are stock bumpsteer/toe links. I have pondered swapping those out too, just not sure I want to do it right now. I think it may be something I can do easily down the road. I believe its just the stock 03-04 sway bar. Either way this thing should be able to take some abuse and really love corners now. The stock 16 yr old suspension is leaving way too much to be desired right now.

    Also, I have some H&R Red springs to go along with the IRS.
  18. Yeah I can only imagine. The Mach 1 I'm picking up today has a fully built SRA so I'm hoping I can sell it or trade it to fund getting all the finishing parts of my IRS build and slap that baby onto the Mach. I'm trying to make it essentially indestructible.
  19. Wait.. buying a mach for yourself? What happened to the gt in the sig?
  20. Yeah, I did some long hard thinking about it and realized that spending a likely $30k modifying a 127k mile GT over the course of my life made less sense than just going after the car that I'm aiming for. So I found an 03 Mach 1 with 47k miles thats essentially fully built. But still as a used car and the fact that its set up for drag racing (and I'm looking for corner carving) leaves me enough room to still tinker with it. Now all I gotta do is stress out for the amount of time it takes me to sell my GT. Its way against anything I've stated before and it makes me a bit uncomfortable taking on a loan, but its short term and its a low payment so I decided to just go ahead and do it while I'm in the position I'm currently in in life.