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  1. if you dont mind, pm me the price and info
  2. Tomorrow is the day to get it all done finally! Today it took a bit longer with the damn emergency brake cable to get that hooked back up and then 1 of the pistons didnt want to collapse. After figuring out all of the brake demons we got that done and then the driveshaft is back as well. All that is left for tomorrow is bleeding the brakes, hooking up the exhaust and then refilling the trans that we let drain out after jacking the front of the car up. Ready to get the car back on the road and detail her because she needs it badly!
  3. Awesome man. Best of luck. I would be driving mine but I've got some horrible grinding noise coming from the passenger side of the IRS. I'm really REALLY hoping its just the emergency brake stuck but I don't think stuck brakes can make that much noise. I might be another 300-500 dollars deep if one of my axles is bad.
  4. That's not a good thing bud! The emergency brake cables were a pain to get in place yesterday. I hope you get it figured out and back on the road soon
  5. Turns out it was just the dust shield scraping on the rotor *whew* be sure to make sure those aren't rubbing. I'm assuming mine got bent out of shape while I was moving the rear end around by myself.
  6. I had to bend a few of my front and rears back. Sadly I'm experiencing some noise as well in the back end of mine. I'm praying its the driveshaft that is causing the vibrations and I'll check a few of the bolts along with the IRS hub nut as well.
  7. Mine makes a "whirring" noise which I believe is to be expected with the FTBR kit. From what I've read, the driveline vibration is supposedly due to not having the pinion angle optimized.
  8. Did you have any issues with that? I had my stock driveshaft fitted with the flange and u joint from an 03-04 driveshaft. I'm gonna get it in the air today again and see if the driveshaft is the culprit.
  9. I did not. Granted I haven't driven it over ~50 mph. If you went with the full FTBR kit without the FT1401 delrin isolated rear mount, I believe you're just supposed to put as many shimming washers as you can on the bottom of the front mount and only one on the top. I believe I ended up putting 5 shimming washers on the bottom and none on top because I couldn't fit any more than that. If you got the FT1401, then you're definitely supposed to set the pinion angle with the way he shows it on his website. I'm just gonna run with what I've got right now and maybe in the future try to truly optimize it, but for now it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem with the shimming washer arrangement I'm running.
  10. The U joint on the driveshaft def was not right at all. Got it off the car and it was close to sliding out. That will need to be fixed but I will head over to Bruce's site to check on the video.

    I did not get the upgraded cover as mine already had a brace and I figured I could save some funds there. If I ever tear into the rear end I may swap that then. Currently I am debating to bumpsteer or not.
  11. Yeah I don't have the upgraded cover either. Spent enough money as it is on all that crap. I have a cover brace but its not installed because its missing a piece (bought it used). I'll probably do the upgraded cover as well some point down the line. May just drive it this way till the cover gets damaged. I got the upgraded bumpsteer kit (not the more expensive one) but I'm going to let a shop install that since I don't know jack about bumpsteer. It's pretty easy to remove and install the stock bumpsteer rods (tie rods?) with the IRS in the car, so it really shouldn't be more than an hours worth of work.
  12. Exactly my thoughts on the bump steer. I may get that done along with subframes, jacking rails and the Kenny brown matrix system. I'm just figuring out which bump steer kit I want to go with.
  13. Apparently my car loves to be on jackstands:


    I have started to paint interior pieces for the double din swap today though, I wasn't happy with the color but maybe it will be a more true black after another coat or 2.

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  14. Vote for your favorite finish on the wheels, First is a double brushed with polished lip and its shown with rivets and the 2nd is a fully polished setup. Let's hear opinions!

  15. #2 fo sho.

    True Forged?
  16. Yep, victory's :D
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  17. Thinking polished as well. And if you can get away with it...the red calipers to go along with it
  18. Too late on that front haha. I got them powdercoated black with the cobra polished and the front brackets in silver. I think there is a picture on pg 4 of this thread of the brakes that is.
  19. Oh yeah that's right. Well that works too!