Progress Thread 96 Mystic Cobra Build Thread

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  1. Looking great!
  2. Thanks man glad to see you still in these parts.

    :) Now I just need some motor work like you have going on

    Thanks! Gotta figure out something to do with the seats and I'm undecided about that. It's not a project I'm looking to do soon though I want to change things up under the hood next.
  3. My wallet has gotten a bit lighter these past few months as I have scored some difficult items to find, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:



    Also I picked up some GMC Envoy foglights to swap those vs the stock Cobra foglights and I'll have some sweet HID's within 2-3 weeks as well. Also I installed a Bassani ORX and it sounds 10x better than before.
  4. Those seats look mint. By far the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in, and everyone else that rides in my car says the same thing.
  5. I sat in them when I got home and they felt awesome. They are in mint condition with just needing a good cleaning and leather conditioner to loosen it up just a bit. I can't wait to get them in.

    On a side note I just got an IMRC code so that will be the first thing I need to do before installing mods, it's a never ending battle.
  6. Wow man, those seats are in gooood condition. I bet it was a wee bit of dough for those. Back seats as well? Those tail lights are pretty sweet too.

    My car finally made it to the shop for it's 4-wheel alignment and to fix the cock-eyed exhaust! Finally may get to actually get around to driving it without worry soon. Looks like you're on the same path!
  7. Nice score on the seats - my suggestion to bring those things back to life is to go to Autozone or any other auto retailer and pick up some of Lexol's Cleaner and Conditioner - I use the cleaner with a light brush and wipe away all the old dirt - then put the conditioner on good and heavy, let it sit and wipe off the excess. Depending on how dry they are - you could condition them more than once, then just keep it up once a month. I have a 2003 and the leather is still like new. Again - nice find on both items!
  8. I was very happy to find these seats in the condition they are. I drove up from San Antonio to near Denton and back in the same day to get them even. They were $1K which I was very happy to find for that kind of a deal and yes they included the rear seats as well.

    The taillights are more of a rarity being they were only on the 96-98 cars that were exported outside the US. I had the car running (or what I thought was running good) but I just got a CEL for the IMRC's so I am in the process of pulling the top of the intake off and cleaning those.

    The leather I have that cleaning under control its the suede I am a bit more worried about. They have a very light hint of brown which I will need to clean and get them to looking like they rolled off the floor nearly 10 years ago.
  9. light soap and warm water - using rag in a light swirl motion should help. Make sure you only have the rag damp, don't want to soak the seats. If you can clean them, then leave them in the sun - then clean them again - you should be in great shape. I'd just make sure to do it in small steps. It's not an actual suede, it's a synthetic suede - so it is not AS particular as real suede would be. G'luck.

    And maybe I'm late to the party with this information - but I see you're building a Mystic Cobra, and we do have that NOS material here on the shelf .... just a thought.
  10. I've thought about that but it's Mystichrome and not Mystic. The mystichrome is a brighter look than the mystic is a darker color which is why I went with the dark suede inserts. I saw 1 car that had the mystichrome in their 96 mystic and it wasn't something I liked actually.
  11. Here's how the IMRC project is coming:

  12. Those seats look amazing. I want a set bad for my car.
  13. I found them in your former part of the world. Picked them up near Denton and came back to San Antonio all in 1 day. Just found someone who was a little down on funds and had to fix their car quick and these were the most liquid part they could unload fast.
  14. Car looks great with the polished exhaust, sure am jelly.
  15. Thanks man I sure do appreciate it.

    Working on getting it running again after these IMRC issues. I decided to go ahead and delete them while I'm at it.
  16. Seems like I cannot get ahead of this car and some bugs. After getting the IMRC's taken care of I swapped in the 03-04 seats and I really started to enjoy the car again. Went ahead and purchased subframe connectors and was just about ready to get them put on along with the HID's I picked up and some window tint redone until I blew a plug out of the passenger side head. I knew she was hurting and I don't have the knowledge on this level to diagnose/repair so I sent it to a local shop. They proceeded to do a compression and then leakdown test to reveal 0 compression in the #4 cylinder passenger side and 60% leakage as well.

    So it's rebuild time of at least the heads and from what the general rule is I will need to get the shortblock done as well. Sounds like it is on to build time!

    Option 1: C heads, cams, long tubes on a built short block

    Option 2: C/B heads on a builtshort block with a turbo/centri as the end goal

    Option 3: Terminator motor/trans swap, I already have most of these parts minus the motor and trans so why not go for a terminated mystic, it was my goal all along I just get to take it all on a little earlier than I had expected..

    Thoughts out there?
  17. Cheaper than doing a engine rebuild, easy b/c it just bolts right in and better than running the car NA.
  18. That's my thoughts as well. The ONLY worry is I am putting in a used motor. I know they can handle a lot of miles but I can't be swapping this in to have it go down on me 6 months later. Everything is plug and play with it if I purchase the complete setups from the few on ebay correct?

    The motor/trans would come out along with fuel tank. Engine wiring harness, computer in the passenger foot well and the wiring behind the dash also come out too. Anything else I am missing that would be pulled out for the 03-04 pieces?
  19. The gauge cluster, you need it to run the stock 03/04 cobra's computer. Also, the harness for the trans, your going from the old gear style to the digital. You can always go an cheaper/easier rout and reuse your stock wiring harness and computer, just have it retuned. You would just need to find a place to mount the coil packs.
  20. termi swap ftw! sorry about your luck man.