Progress Thread 96 Mystic Cobra Build Thread

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  1. I'm jelly looking great so far!
  2. Dropped the car of at the shop for the next phase of my mystic. Stay tuned for all those old timers out there who check in from time to time. Give me a few weeks for the next update but it will be worth the wait.
  3. Well since the old motor threw a plug out I figured it was time to go big in the direction I wanted to take the car so here it is in all her glory:


    Still has some work to get done but its on the final stretches! More pics and videos for sure to follow but for now, thats all I got.
  4. HOLY :poo:!!!!! :nice:
  5. Thanks man! Someone around these parts has to give that ol 2v of yours a run for its money :D
  6. Only real challenge I've had is a modded GTR. Took me by half a car :(

    I've yet to take it to the track. That is where I'll get my :poo: pushed in lol
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  7. She's alive!! I'll update this thread a bit later tonight or this week but hot damn did she feel great. Still got things to button up but the terminated mystic lives! She put up 456hp & 456tq on the dyno and had 160+ compression test results too. @Nightfire @Kornnut @SteedaGT9150 @TeufelGt

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  8. Yeeeaaah buddy!!!!
  9. Haven't been on here in forever, but I'm glad I saw this. She's a beast!
  10. Thanks buddy! Shes come along way since the beginning of this thread which was 2 years ago now. I wasn't planning on this swap THIS soon but hey its ok, just gonna take some time to recover and now I got a wedding to save for. Although, I just found a set of extremely rare export mirrors to turn the mirrors into painted mirrors so I had to get those. First pair I've seen for sale in about a year. Now I gotta enjoy the heck out of the car and then start prepping for paint work, wheels and some interior/hydrodipped parts. Always have the next plan for the car ;)

    I met up with a buddy and we took some obligitory pics of our rides: