96 Mystic Cobra - North Florida $8200

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  1. For Sale - 96 Mystic Cobra build 804 of 2000. 73000 miles. 3rd owner. Stock except exhaust and shifter. Also new leather on front and back seats (florida). You can see on the mysticcobra site or e-mail me. $8750 with 2nd set of cobra rims or $8200 with stock only wheels.
  2. Wheels are gone. Had someone look at it today and is mulling. Here is a pic. Amazing how many do not know what mystic is...$8200obo

  3. Any interior or engine pics? Any better exterior shots?
  4. I do but they are larger files. If ok I will send you better photo's..please PM me your e-mail.

    These seem to lose some quality when I have them hosted.





  5. couple more with other camera..raining today..


  6. Hello all, I have a better camera now and took more pics of my cobra by request. It is a powerpoint download and is 36 meg but worth the download if you are looking for a mystic.

    download | ifile.it
  7. Still have the car? Any trades considered? Chris
  8. Do you still have the car?
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