Saleen 96 Saleen convertible

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  1. New to the site, hope I put this in the right place.

    I found a listing for a 1996 Saleen Cobra convertible S281 for what I think is a great price (maybe)...

    I've done some investigating and I found a VIN decoder that tells me the VIN listed in the ad is a Saleen S281, though it's not a Cobra; that doesn't worry me much, what concerns me is the "built in nitrous" stated in the ad. The plumbing appears to be there, and there was a pic of a toggle switch and push button that may be controlling that system.

    I can't find any reference to a Saleen model that was built with nitrous, so I'm assuming it's an owner mod. Not having any previous experience with nitrous use myself, I don't know if this should concern me enough to not make the purchase. What I'm worried about is damage that may have been caused from using nitrous that may not be "in my face" when I go to look at this in person.

    Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. What is the bumper number and the last three of the VIN?

    No Saleen-installed nitrous. Ever. Except the N2O Focus cars.
  3. All I have seen so far are pics, and none of those pics show the bumper number, or much of the exterior at all for that matter.

    The last three numbers of the VIN are "698".

    I'm a little bit suspicious, but there are pics of the
    saleen tag located on the upper part of the firewall (at least that appears to be the location), and one near the shift lever - I can just make out the number "96-0294" on the one by the shift lever.

    Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
  4. It is a real Saleen. It is not a Cobra. It is a zero option car with factory leather and a black top.
  5. So this basically has the Saleen looks, but no other muscle except whatever is gained by having the aftermarket N2O; that gives me something to work with, maybe even make the good price better (for me anyway).

    Appreciate the info Wythors, much obliged!
  6. It has the Saleen body kit and Saleen suspension, but performance-wise, it left them as a stock GT.
  7. I'm hoping I put this in the right place. Can anyone tell me how I can tell if my 1996 Mustang Cobra is a Saleen car. It was stated that it was.
  8. Give me the last three digits of the VIN and the bumper number.
  9. Last 3 digits are 305
  10. But what is the bumper number?