96 Vin Help

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by mgas614, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. was wondering if someone could run this through carfax 1FALP47V7TF208532
  2. www.carfax.com
    You could run it or try and get a used car dealer to run it
  3. Yea I run a carfax it turns out someone run it in a ditch front end damage airbag deployed total loss since rebuild 6 people have owned it was wrecked in 06
  4. I always run one before I get a car. I just traded my 89 LX for a 96 Mystic Cobra. Clean carfax =)
    That sucks about the accident though, sorry to hear that dude, always run one before you sign papers or hand over $$
  5. oh i havnt got the car yet just been thinking about trading my truck for it theres one of them mistic cobras for sale where i live the guys got a big sign leaning on it saying it was hand built buy the ford factory 6950.00
  6. oh ok, that's good. That's a good price depending on milage and all. Mine was unmolested until November of last year when a 20 year old got it. I'll leave it slightly modded (it had/has off road pipe, flowmaster exhaust, lowered with Bullitt wheels),but I'm looking for any oem stuff for it