Engine 96gt Procharger Build And Head Question.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by VTGT91, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Need some help with my build for my 96 GT with a PI swap. Just picked up a Procharger P-1SC with a 10 psi pulley and want to get the car around 410 rwhp. Nothing too crazy since I don’t want to have to change the transmission and axles. First the car has about 10.85:1 compression, because of the PI swap. Going to probably pick up a set of 18cc pistons to lower it down to about 9.5:1.

    Couple of questions.
    If I’m shooting for right at about 410rwhp, should I be going for a set of forged rods/pistons? Or will I be ok with cast stuff?

    I’m going to also be getting a stage 1 cam for it. Is it imperative that the heads get ported to reach these horsepower numbers? I don’t want to overshoot too much. It’s going to cost me 1k dollars to have it done. Is it worth it? Can I still make 410 without p&p?

    If I do decide to get the heads worked who do you recommend to do the work for a fair price?
  2. I would not bother changing the pistons for that HP level - with a good tune you'll make it there easily on that compression.
    If you are going to go through all the work of teardown, machine work, etc. put a set of forged rods and pistons in it.
    A cheap alternative is 03/04 rods if you can find a set.