97 5 spd Cobra convertible w/ Maximum Motorsport Max Grip - street fun, track, HPDE

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  1. 97 5 spd Cobra convertible w/ Maximum Motorsport Max Grip - fun / HPDE - NY, 9.5k

    1997 Mustang Cobra Convertible w/83,000 miles on body
    Crystal White with Tan Top and Tan Leather Interior
    #903 of a build of 3088, built 3/11/1997
    (copy of VIN identified SVT customer letter and certificate included)

    Ford Factory Cobra replacement motor with 13,000 miles
    (Previous owner didn't pay attention to oil temp at VIR - spun bearing at 70k - replacement engine has ford tag 1/14/05)

    Fully loaded - Mach 460 stereo, power everything, leather, etc.
    Full interior intact - Everything works, even the A/C.

    Entire maximum motorsports "max grip package" ($5k in parts) to include:
    Maximum Motorsports Strut Tower Brace
    Maximum Motorsports Tubular front K-Member
    Maximum Motorsports Tubular K-Member Brace
    Maximum Motorsports Tubular Front Control Arms w/ urethane bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Front Coil-Over Conversion Kit (450lbs)
    Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends
    Maximum Motorsports Standard Torque-arm
    Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframe Connectors
    Maximum Motorsports Aluminum rack bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Panhard Bar with Aluminum rod
    Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Rear Swaybar
    Maximum Motorsports Fully Adjustable Caster/Camber Plates
    Maximum Motorsports Tubular Rear Lower Control Arms without spring perch
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit (450lbs)

    Additionional mods:
    Kenny Brown fully welded extreme tubular Matrix chassis brace
    Kenny Brown jacking rails
    AutoPower 4-point race roll bar w/ harness bar.
    Hypercoil springs
    Bilstein HD Race valved struts
    Urethane swaybar bushings
    Urethane swaybar endlinks
    Solid steering shaft
    Delrin bushings
    Ford Racing Performance Parts 3.73 rear gears
    Spec Stage 2 clutch (done at 70k with engine replacement)
    Pro 5.0 Shifter with MGW adjustable shift handle
    Off-Road H-pipe and MIL eliminators
    (I also have a set of brand new high flow cats to weld in if needed)
    Canton Road Race oil pan (Mobil 1 Changed frequently)
    Maximum Motorsports oil filter relocation kit with t-fitting for oil accumulator
    (no accumulator installed yet)
    WMS Cold air intake
    Brembo Gran Turismo 2000 Cobra R 4-piston aluminum front brake calipers
    Cadmium-plated slotted brake rotors, 13” front, 11.65” rear
    (not sure of pads installed currently - but plenty of life)
    DOT Stainless steel brake lines
    Kenny Brown Front brake ducts with spindle mounted backing plates
    (misplaced spindle mounted plates, but still have ducts)
    Firestone SZ50EP 275/40R17 tires
    17x9 Chrome Mustang Oem 2003 Cobra rims
    Black Konig Touring seats
    Simpson 5-point harnesses
    Ford Racing Performance Parts black FR500 steering wheel (airbags intact)

    Ratings & full disclosure:
    Mechanically & Suspension: 9.5/10: Very Firm ride, some noise from coil overs during low speed very high amplitude turns, ie parking - MM says there may be a flange in the strut tower that was not hammered down per directions so it maybe making contact - haven't had time to look at. I would just suggest a nut and bolt for safety/tech inspection and your off to a track day near you : )
    Exterior: 8/10: not perfect - minor bugs/stone chips/& tire kick up from light track use and being original 97 paint - but cleans up nicer then most original paint cars that haven't been on a track. The only major paint blem that bothers me is a scrape from a garage door handle falling on the center of rear bumper. There are also two holes drilled inside the fog light recesses inorder to mount brake ducts - and if you were on the ground looking up at the front bumper some scrapes underneath from road contact. (I have the foglights for those who want them & wiring is still there)
    Interior: 8.5/10: Overall very very nice. Only issue is Driver side race seat side bulster has worn tear from enter/exiting, I have original nice shape saddle leather seats to include if you want to slide all over the dam place. Volume button on radio shows some wear.

    Car is currently set up as a very well balanced, well sorted road racer / high performance driving event car / track day / summer weekend fun car. Simply put, It handles amazing - the power is so use-able (be it straight line or in the twisties), that it is consistently faster than several heavily modified high HP stangs I've owned. It’s also been very reliable for me –finding a car that you can drive to an event, finish it competitively, and then driven home with all the luxuries for under 10k isn’t easy to find, – the only hard choice is top down or A/C on. I have a clear title in my hands.

    My only reason for selling is due to job change: I’m going to have less time/weekends to commit to doing track events/auto cross, and would rather just have a fun new s197 to more comfortably street drive daily to work in the summer instead of my truck. The cobra suspension/race seats just aren’t up for commuting 1hr into the city – and frankly it wouldn’t be fair to this great car. This cobra would make an excellent platform to build a project from - the power is so plant-able - I can't imagine it with a blower or turbo - it would be nuts. If not, with just a quick going over & detail it up a bit for the season, it's ready to go with no issues. Car is currently garaged in upstate NY. Let me know if anyone is interested. It's a great car I'd be willing to letting go at a great price! PM me

    $9,500 OBO

    Pictures: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1526/cobrai.jpg

    *Note: when looking at the underside picture, all MM parts on my stang are actually powder coated black except kb chassis brace, blue was done in photoshop to highlight modifications. Also, changes from the picture: I have less aggressive sway bar on rear, open h pipe, and finished exhaust from axle to stock cobra tips.
  2. additional details

    Few minor things I forgot:
    Has stock seat belts as well as the 5 pts.
    There is adjustable shift light mounted near cluster
    Has small trailer hitch mounted on rear with proper wiring
    - this was used for a tiny trailer that carried 4 tires & toolbox (this setup was stolen)
  3. Bump, have my eye on a s197. Cobra needs to go.
  4. Any interest? Offers?
  5. Where in ny are you located? Will this car pass nj inspection?
  6. The car is currently stored under cover in my uncles garage in Elmira NY. I am not sure what nj inspection consist of. Here in NY for this age of car - they plug it in and it can only have x amount of computer error codes, it can't have a check engine light on, and it needs to pass visual inspection that emissions equipment in place. They also check brake pads and tires. The car passes all of this except the visual of having cats because it has an open H pipe without cats. Depending on where you go depends on if they check. I have brand new high flow cats in the garage that could be welded in by the buyer at their expense if they need them - however the car doesn't sound or feel nearly as good with the cats.
  7. Friday Bump

    Price drop - how about $9,000

    I just bought a 07 GT and need to make room.
  8. Bump to the top. Thanks
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